Source Shield Guided Meditation

As I was in my relaxation after the Equinox Unity Meditation, I saw this cloth-like plasma energy arriving on Earth.

The Corona was allowed for countless and multidimensional reasons.

We are all facing this at our different consciousness and frequency levels.

For those who'd done their inner work all their lives, it can be the test in mastery over fear. 
For others, it may be that they ran away from fears and followed the crowd all their lives and as energy amplifies, they now have to face it, not in punishment, but because all Souls must do this at one point. They will finally see that fear is nothing more than a distorted energy pattern, as well as an illusion. When those incarnated here realize this (the co-creators), the fear matrix is over.
For yet another group, it will be their passage to their rightful energetic space as we've been packed here with people of all levels of the frequency with some being Loving while others are addicted to darkness.
And lastly, all another group need is this and the Corona is the shakeup as they remember what their Soul came here to be. Those who can connect the Human-level, to Heart and Soul, will stay, those who are Loving and harmless to all Souls.

Lightworkers, Starseeds and Ancient Souls have been incarnating here on missions for thousands of years, bringing news, prophecies, Spiritual Truths, teachings and living by example. Humanity has been warned for a long time and now we have arrived at the point where each will take responsibility for their own energy and consciousness, without siphoning from other humans, animals or interdimensional beings (like saints or angels).

Every Earthling Soul had countless chances to get on board with a Loving and harmless way of living although it is understandable that the illusions that the darkness tempted us with were more interesting than the invisible truths.

Since October 2019, I felt Source sounding the last call for those in the fence to choose Love and Heart (I blogged about it) but I never thought the Awakening - as well as the Split - would go on like this. And that seems to be because the Light's plans are revealed to Incarnated Volunteers on a need to know basis, as well as each Lightworker and Starseed have some perspectives or pieces of the puzzles, so when we share we can see the bigger picture more easily.

Remember that for any miscreation or problem, there is a solution at a higher level that is underway or the person with that mission has already incarnated on the planet.

This treatment focuses more on nurturing rather than protection. The more connect with the Truth that Creation is Loving, the safer we are.

Love and peace,