Opening space for healthier relationships

There is something I went through and observed or supported other sensitives struggling with and that is having our cup so full that we have no space for a drop of new energy to enter our lives.

Being surrounded and overwhelmed by toxic people makes it impossible for relationships of a higher vibration to arrive if opposite energies occupy all the space.
If you are a kind person, you probably had difficulties creating boundaries or cutting toxic people out of your life.

I've been there but as I continued on my healing, my awareness expanded and I realized that it was difficult to maintain or magnetize Heart-centered people into my life. My family, relatives and long time 'friends' were usually of a lower frequency and kept pulling me down into dimensions of pain. Only when I started choosing myself first I was able to have the time, the thoughts, the hope and the strength to move forward towards my healing and becoming that amazing person I envisioned I could be since I was 4.

There is a map inside of our Hearts, showing us the way towards paradise, but we must take the physical and diligent steps, as well as do the inner work required to heal ourselves from the earthly patterns.
Sometimes, one of those steps is to talk to people who are being critical, judgmental, rude or mocking and have been putting us down, although, I rarely saw these types changing. In the past, I tried reasoning but after false words of understanding and apologies, I saw that people could only live from their level of awareness. I then shifted tactics to just leaving when I saw that type of behavior without being opening myself up for drama. People who project their own flaws/misalignments onto others do not take responsibility for their energy and consciousness. They have the right to be whatever they want but I know I deserve the uttermost kindness and respect.
I don't think that respect is earned. I Love people who are naturally reverent, just like I am towards all Living Beings.
But I can only expect what I am myself, of course, so that's where the work lies. And when we do the inner work, those of the same Heart tone and Soul frequency eventually appear in our lives although that is not the reason why we should heal because the benefits may not appear for years for the inner journey may be long and hard.

There is a misconception in spirituality that says that spirituality means bliss, positivity and that all becomes perfect, somehow. In physicality, we still experience challenges because the Soul wants to learn and explore. Although suffering is not normal and so we must shift the energy of what is causing it, challenges are still a part of density. What happens is that we raise up to the challenges when we live focused on growth.
For example, boundaries can be difficult for someone who feels worthless, therefore, undeserving of respect but if they work on their self-love through self-care, by choosing to put themselves first and taking time to heal their wounds, they'll soon not only respect themselves but also expect that others do the same. When they step into a higher energetic rung, their reality and the very people they interact with will be kinder than the ones they left behind.

It is the inner change that shifts the energies so the entire world out there will also become slightly different at first. In time, the changes increase and when you look back, you can barely recognize you still live in the same world or that you are the same person.

The more aligned with Source and Love we are, the closer to our True Selves. The more wounded, the furthest.

Self-Love and Joy,

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