Hindsight can INspire you to continue

As long as you don't give up, journaling about the discomfort, thoughts and joys found in your journey towards healing can inspire you to keep going.

When I look at the person I was in 2015 or that very traumatized teen in 1998, I can see how far I came and it gives me optimism and strength to keep going.

Wondering 'How better can it get?' is a thought encoded to open the doors to all possibilities to enter your life.

Change comes when you put yourself first and keep moving on with your healing, Life Purpose or whatever type of change you dreamed of bringing to yourself and the world.

The visions we have are not wishful thinking, with persistence and action in the physical realm, they are energized for long enough to become material. That can be a difficult thing for spiritual people but the more they focus on the practical and the here and now, the easier it will be.

There is a reason why we are here, especially for Ancient Souls.
They crossed many worlds and didn't have much to learn anymore in the Universe, so they came to a distorted physical world - the ultimate challenge - to bring Love into the material form.

If you've been hurt, you may have looked into the past in the forms of flashbacks or resentment - and that is important for healing when done as calmly as possible - but revisiting the past to INspire us in the Now is a much more energizing way to use our Sacred Imagination.

I feel it's possible to change the past - or at least the charge of the past. By being grateful for the experiences that made us stronger, more confident or wiser, we can shift what happened to us and begin every moment renewed.

When you consistently persist in your change, you will shift the energy for who you are now and all other lifetimes. That's when the past is no longer triggering but a source of lessons.

Love and INspiration,

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