From believing to knowing

From believing to knowing - Ascension, Starseed/Empath and Trauma Healing

Imagine that your inner world is this beautiful garden. There are trees, grass and wildflowers there. The air is pure and the sun shines brightly upon you. You are completely free and everything is functioning perfectly because it all belongs to the organic nature.

Then, because of some perceived authority figure, you subconsciously accept a belief. Imagine it as a building that lands on your garden, disturbing the quiet flow. It doesn't belong there. It is unnatural and it needs an energy source: you, through your ego, the false identity.
All the trees and flowers sustain themselves on their own, but the unnatural building needs an artificial battery to be maintained. All in nature is self-sustained but artificial constructs need maintenance to remain standing.

What happens to a building that is left for 20 years without repairs?
What happens to a 2000-year-old tree?
Here you can see the force of nature versus artificial constructs. The building will be condemned while the tree will keep living on.

Beliefs are weak and need constant indoctrination to be maintained. That's why people are shamed and judged if they don't visit their religious places every weekend. False gurus need their followers (energy source through money and worship) to keep within the group and following their teachings. And any artificial pyramid system needs unaware batteries to fuel them.

On our journey back home, the Soul reaches The Truth at their level of consciousness. On Earth, during the Ascension process, we access more and more puzzle pieces of the entire Truth as it is needed and beneficial at every phase. We can't understand or embody the entire Truth while in our physical bodies and we are not meant to because the goal of Source splitting ItSelf into fractals was to experience and learn on deeper levels.

Ego-based people need to defend their beliefs because they subconsciously feel it is shaky and false. If someone can threaten our self-Love or worthiness, it means it is only based on belief and not on Knowing it is the Truth. Love yourself for no reason at all, not because of certain talents, for the way you look or for what you have. Reasons are a form of maintenance.
When you KNOW you Love yourself, you conquered all the other bodies to finally reach The Truth. You pondered about it through the mental body, you feel it fully in your feeling body and reached the most subtle level which is energetic and that's the end game. Once you can finally understand and shift energies, you shift the matrix of your reality. Most people tap into the physical level and go a little higher, to the mental body. That's almost a life half-lived and very unfulfilling. It can generate feelings of emptiness.

Once you Know you Love yourself, no criticism, attacks or doubt can plague you. You continue to Love yourself when you are going through challenges or when all is well. When you only believe, the self-Love keeps going up and down according to circumstances. You would feel wonderful while having a significant other if you believe that it is a sign that you are worthy and feel miserable when you find yourself single.
Beliefs will keep pulling you up and down until you break the veils through questioning. Beliefs are like viruses that enter the system and attach themselves to similar frequencies.
No belief system can stand the force of questioning everything, that's why old Earth schools, religious cults and systems discouraged questioning and free-thinking.

Question whatever you've been told you are, what you've been following and giving your energy to. You can go directly to the Source always, and get information/Light directly in that way.

It doesn't matter if a practice has been done for thousands of years or what an 'expert' claims to be the Truth, question everything and everyone (kindly and without judgment) and you'll finally be truly free of all controlling systems. That's when you start building a New Earth around your field of influence. And as everything is just energy, remember that energy only amplifies, so focus on the uplifting while being mindful of what you dislike, reject or repress for they are amplifying too. Originally, energy has no meaning but once we attach something not aligned with Love to it it will grow into miscreations. But we can always discharge it, breathe and choose better.

Love and Truth,

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