Focus on solutions for an INspired life

Before complaining and venting we can ask ourselves:

Can I bring the solution?
Is that my mission, what I incarnated on Earth to do?
Am I willing to dedicate a great portion of my days to that cause?

Take days to ponder upon it and if it's not your Soul calling you to step up, then breathe and let go.
Someone who Loves it, whose Soul prepared for that mission before incarnating here already have the solution.
If it doesn't INspire you to act then you can let go, otherwise, it will just waste your life force and add more chaos to the collective, keeping the problems in place.

You may want to use all that energy into doing more of what you Love so you can find your own mission and focus only on that, step by small step to build momentum and leave a legacy.

Complaining and focusing on the bad uses the energy that could be used for a purposeful life.

If we found our selves stranded at sea we wouldn't be blaming the captain for sinking the ship or complaining about the problem. We would look for the closest land we could swim towards or for something we could hold onto until help arrived.

Focusing on distortions is another of the many energetic root causes of depression. Everything is an energy exchange so by focusing on the lower energies, people and situations we are also feeding on it and then throwing it back out there after having amplified the problem with our emotional reaction.

Keep stepping higher to get out of those realities.
We are all co-creating this world.
If we want Peace, our habits, actions, thoughts, and choices must be congruent with that.

Love and Purpose,

© Marta Sasai 2013 ~ 2020. All Rights Reserved.

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