Equinox: honor your feelings ~ A message from Source

Our civilization has been indoctrinated to mourn when something painful happens but at its root, this was meant to keep the vibration of the planet low.

There is a video of how the Italians who are under quarantine started singing from their windows. They are one of the most affected people but some of them decided to make the most of it, cheering others out there. If you think about it, it's literally the only thing they could do while being locked up.
In concentration camps, survivors shared that people got together to comfort each other, that there was a show of kindness and even joy.
To feel what we feel is not disrespectful. We are not mocking other people's suffering.

We can ask ourselves 'Can I help in this cause?' 'Do I want to' or is this my Life Purpose?' If there is nothing to do or we don't know how to help and bring solutions then we can let it go.
And if those who are healed and living in joy offend us, we need to look at our triggers to see what needs to be healed.

Keeping the vibration high is the most important thing we can do for ourselves and All Life.
And we achieve a higher vibration, not through happiness, excitement or strong, polarized emotions but through calm neutrality.

Allow all feelings without judgment.

Love and Joy,

✨ I am grateful for your support of this mission

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