Energy Update ~ Clearing in Japan

March 2020

If I share any 'Energy Updates' it will be shifting more into a personal journal sort of thing as I feel it will be more helpful in this new, sovereign space instead of sharing guidance. I've been finding that it is getting more difficult for us to relate to other people's guidance as we are being called to rely even more on our inner connection to Source and Heart on our path towards complete Freedom and Sovereignty.
It's been a struggle to shift missions and understand how to share these things as the energies are shifting all the time now so I let this writing sit for some time and it still feels right. I've given up on many updates since December because they were no longer relevant just 2 or 3 days later.

As I was about to wake up one morning, I was in the middle of a forest in another dimension and looking up when I saw this golden Light ball. I knew it was the Now Moment, that nanosecond where we are focused within and our energy is where it should be.
The ball exploded in many golden rays crossing across all Earth in all directions, only to continue beyond, reaching all Creation. Those rays were All the Possibilities that exist.

When we keep the focus on our own lives, doing the inner work to clear our wounds, traumas, triggers, subconscious imagery (that is creating things on this planet) and our Divine Purpose, we are harvesting inner power and are more able to influence the world.
This influence - thanks to the new Heart-centered grid - belongs to Loving and healed people now, as it should and is the norm on free planets, which we are now, more and more. The further into the past we look, the clearer it was to see that this was an upside down world where Young Souls led and Old Souls were subjugated. On the higher realms and healed planets, leaders are not supposed to be served but are the ones serving the most.
When young/barbaric Souls lead, they create war.
The frequency of the planet is much higher now, however, and the magic will only continue so we can choose to focus on that.

Whatever is out of alignment with Source/Love is crumbling. Whatever wishes, systems, creations or businesses that are created below the Love frequency won't survive these energies. We can detach and focus on the New, in what is uplifting and support the Heart-centered to co-Create it even faster.
*The Sunday Unity Meditation is another way to connect with the Heart-centered, healing and energizing ourselves and the entire planet.

Ego wishes that do not benefit the whole are coming with a lot of baggage and lessons for the individual to learn and get used to the Unity of the New Earth.
That's why so much is dying (crossing) to its rightful energetic level, realms or planets.
With the clearing of the old and birthing of the new, there are also dark or painful things coming out of people and the planet.

I do not give my energy to mainstream (fearstream) 'news' since 2002 so if anything painful, low vibrational or distorted comes to my awareness it's because I have multidimensional work to do or Source is asking me to witness something.

I've recently learned that someone got hurt and I entered relaxation to 'travel' multidimensionally and let Source show me if I could help them. I realized the problems are so entangled that I won't mention anything about their situation so more attention to it doesn't amplify the problem, but the situation was dire and the person even ended up in a hospital.
As I became one with the Source, the Light washed over this person in pure Light, giving them strength so they can free themselves if they choose.

Even though Source, Angels, Guides and Guardians - our Spiritual Support is helping us - our Human parts must meet the help halfway. We must choose and act on our healing towards Loving ourselves and all.

Depression and grief have almost the same frequency and are states that leave us to stagnation if we remain in that for long because once it settles, it will amplify and take over our energy, bodies and life areas.
They were at their lowest with their problem amplified at its maximum and I hope that they will take one of the infinite possibilities that are always available to all, and get out of the lower realities.

When I heard this news, I was hit in the Heart and really felt for this person because I went through similar struggles and violence for many years. I probably felt their pain as well as I released my own debris/lower energies. This is not a mission I do anymore - this cleansing of other people's stuff - but the person is very lost so I was called to do it, although we have always the option to refuse in our Free Will. And it's more than time that each Human take responsibility for their own healing instead of Lightworker Transmuters having to clear it for them.

When I found some balance after the news was dumped on me so suddenly, I started breathing to move those energies so they wouldn't get stuck in me as I sent it all back to Source for renewal as my heart raced. It is something I do instinctively by now but the invitation for me to fall into grief was strong. In the past, I would identify with and soak on outside pain and drawn in that for days or even months. Depression is a pattern I fought hard to raise myself from all my life, so it was also a test. When we are aware of distorted or lower energies it is good to send it back and out to Source instead of letting it fly around the world. I was called to do that because the person who was suffering doesn't have friends as well.

That is when I felt great darkness coming through me and leaving the planet. It was so strong my body almost shook. I could 'see' a great portion of bullying, repression and shame leaving this land in the form of dark smoke. It is something that I've noticed many Japanese suffering from because of ancient traditions and paradigms - even me who am only a descendent. My ancestors were quite harsh and repressive with their offspring. I've never seen someone who committed suicide not having the pattern of shame and the number here was quite high.

A few days later I found that the collective on this land seems to be shifting and that people are speaking up about things that were kept quiet for centuries. This was not a coincidence but signs of the same cleansing and alchemy of those heavy energies in these lands. All is connected. When we are aligned enough, the signs become visible and it's possible to see the bigger picture.

Breathing through whatever is coming up at the moment, we can calm down and feel the Truth that things are getting better. That after energies, emotions and issues are processed, we return to that balance and focus on the New. That will be different for each one of us as we came here to bring a unique energy.

My husband kept texting this person - who was alone in a hospital - while I did a ceremony and we intuitively held a silent Vegan dinner like we were there with them. We were with them in Spirit and Heart. Thankfully, he felt that the person was getting more cheerful when the somber night was over.
Sometimes, we are the last barrier before someone gives up, that's why showing kindness, a smile or a Loving gesture creates a healing effect throughout the globe. One day, the same kindness returns to us, amplified infinitely because we are the first ones to benefit from what we gift others with.

All that really matters is Love and that we come together to help each other - even a stranger.

Let's be kind to each other.
And remember that you are NEVER, ever alone!
Thank you for your Presence and Service to Gaia, Humans, Animals and All.


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