Choose your reality

Choose your reality - Starseed Ascension, Life Purpose, Healing Fear

At every Now moment, you have the opportunity to breathe consciously, which opens the doorways from the Human level to Source so INspiration, help and Light/information can come through.

I had to learn it the hard way when I was in the most toxic work environment.
We were not allowed outside so all I could do to remove myself from the dense energies was to go to a stinky toilet and breathe, which I had to do only through the mouth. But that was enough to begin to open a vortex out of that lower dimension.
Next, I receive the INspiration to bring earphones and for 5 minutes, I would breathe while listening to relaxing music. On it went as I received the next baby step into higher and higher realities as things and people around me shifted slowly.

There is always a choice. Ground into your body and look around.
If the root cause of your anxiety is the fearstream (not mainstream) paranoia, then turn off the tv.
If someone is projecting their fear onto you, you could raise the vibration of the conversation with an uplifting topic. A conversation takes two.

We can always choose what we read, watch and those we surround ourselves with. It takes time, but it's possible to shift. Always.

We are multidimensional and can tap into different energies and dimensions, so the choice to focus on Love, what is INspirational or fearful it's always ours. No one is actually making us feel anything.

When we detach from the collective fear we are not being part of that dimension and those things usually won't be in our reality, even though we can still see it.

With the corona paranoia going on, all we can do is to be reasonable by taking the precautions necessary but then let go of the rest. Stress and worry can lower our immune system so being as calm as possible is a good way to go. That is not to say that people who get sick or leave the planet lowered their vibration by focusing on fear. We all have a unique path and Soul lessons and there is no judgment.

This is a good time to start meditating as the Shift will continue. Strengthening our foundation is a practice.

We must remember that this is Ascension and Souls are now moving into each rightful energetic space and that could mean New Earth, other realms and worlds.
This world was out of alignment and with the New Creation, all are being transformed into the highest organic form.
What we are seeing in the lower frequencies is just the crumbling of what is not aligned with Source and Love so the solutions are here already as well.

Change may not be easy but we can be like the strong bamboo that bows down to the wind but remains whole when the storm is over.

Love, INspiration and empowerment.
You are sovereign.


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