Walk upon the road to understand your Life Purpose

The cause close to our hearts plus what we Love makes up our Life Purpose.

When we were little we naturally went with the flow and knew what we liked. When we heal enough in the Spiritual Awakening and Ascension Journey, we go back to that state of flow and the Inner Child cease to be a part of us that is hidden.

Ascension makes all of our parts unify into one whole and empowered HUman. No more inner child, identities or shadows remain hidden because the journey is about integrating and looking at every crevice and corner within. We've done the separation, now we entered Unity within and without.

Once you heal enough you will do what brings you Joy and what INspires you. When the inspiration is gone then it's time to move to something else or uplevel what you've been doing.

Only by practicing and trying what we want to do can we receive INspiration about the next step. We do not grow when we stay in the planning, dreaming or acquiring more qualification (outside validation) stages.

The ego - who realizes that it will die when we raise our vibration and expand our consciousness - do the only thing it knows: it will try to survive, tricking you with an infinite to-do list that you need to accomplish before getting on with your Divine Mission on Earth for it was born out of fear and pain. The ego will always want to be in the comfort zone. It is another root cause of why we may feel anxiety when the frequency of the planet raises again because more ego, wounds or darkness is leaving.

Living from what is energy generating (helping your cause in the world, going back to what is inspirational and fun) instead of draining (judging others, complaining instead of making a difference) will change your life and at the root of everything is Service to All.

That's why advanced civilizations in other star systems or realms do not use money. When we heal we naturally want to share and receive gifts, Love and contribute. Earth will get there soon enough but money can't be our reason because it won't generate a sustainable motivation.

You will feel more 'alive' when living your purpose because that's why Source came into form.

Love and Healing,

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