Walk through the problem or pain instead of around it

One of the reasons why Source split Itself into countless fractals was so It could experience Itself by delving into deeper and deeper layers within. So the experience is what counts.

It is experiencing what every new moment brings that it's important in the journey throughout our many lives instead of the finishing lines.

It's important to have a goal so we know the direction of our co-creation but we exist to play, relate and learn. By diving into the issue or pattern we can shine the Light on those stale energies and have them move within our bodies so they can move up and be released.

Pushing down the pain or using distractions to run away from our problems constantly will make them grow because that's what energy do it amplifies or snowball when we give meaning to it. That's why smaller issues that were manageable when we were younger may become unbearable a few years later like we can handle that pain anymore.

Energy amplifies as a safety mechanism so we will one day be called to look into the things we created or allowed into our energy. We all must deal with our issues and heal ourselves on our own. Others can only be a guide, be the INspiration or support, but we were created to be sovereign. We have the tools, the intuition and the strength to deal with anything that comes up if we keep the focus within and in the Now. This safety mechanism also makes sure that we do not run away from our responsibilities. It will always catch up to us, no matter how many lifetimes it takes, although is usually quicker than that according to how much we energized/gave attention to the issue.

Anything that is not of Love is a miscreation. They can be smaller manifestations such as thought-forms or things that we imagined when we were worried. That is why it is preferable that we quit the mainstream, violent movies and such imagery as they will create things in the world if we emotionalize or energize them.

They can also be bigger stuff like wounds that we do not want to look at and that grows over time. A little sadness that we ran from years ago can amplify to the point of becoming depression and grief, over time.

Lack of self-care can become a magnet for trauma which will eventually make us look into that pattern to heal it. It is usually when we get fed up with the toxic people and situations that traumatize us with disrespect or worse.

Everything is energy and when we start to look at things from this point of view everything is simplified.

When you know that everything is energy, how it works and you know yourself as much as possible your Mastery begins. The outer won't control the inner so much anymore and you won't be going up and down and playing with polarity, but maintaining a reasonable level of centeredness most of the time.

After experiencing and focusing on everything outside of themselves, every Fractal of Source (you, me, an animal, a tree, a planet) will shift the focus within as they become Old Souls.
That's why nothing out there is important anymore because there is a whole universe to be discovered within. That's why Old or Ancient Souls may seem introverted or quiet.

Love and Healing!


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