Removing the charge of fear

We know that fears need to be faced because they are illusions. We can prepare to face it and process it slowly, however.

I used to jump headfirst into my fears, traumatizing and re-traumatizing myself because I didn't know how to be caring and kind to me for a long time.

By breathing through the fear, panic or terror you will not 'lose your head' when these emotions arrive unexpectedly. They are just energy, nothing more. They do pass.
If you have the time to work on the fear, process and break it down to remove the charge.

You can do that by looking at fear in the eye, digging its root cause (past) and facing the horrible illusionary scenarios that the brain is conjuring (future). The mind is useful to solve problems but we shouldn't live from the Heart.

The Heart stargate - our portal to Source - always knows that all is well. We usually feel fear and anxiety when we remove ourselves from the heart space or expand our energy into the past (that causes pain) or future (that causes worry).

Relaxation and time for daily meditation can also help to purge fear our of our energy fields and bodies.

Love and Peace!


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