Manifest your dreams ~ Create your Bliss Map

I want to share a writing exercise that I've been doing for years. It is fun and it really works for me. I called it many things until I settled in 'Bliss Map' because it leaves the pathway to All Possibilities open.

Let your writing flow freely while you go through what the highest version of you looks like, the virtues you want to have and your ideal life in all areas.

In the present tense, bring that future to the now. The more you repeat the words, imagine those visions and FEEL them, the closer to your reality they will be. It's all about alignment.
You will begin a shift from an energetic level - the root of it all - and it will trickle down to your physical reality. We need to BE first what we want to manifest.

Leave all possibilities open and do not worry about how you will get there.
When we feel and KNOW that it has been created, it is just a matter of Divine Timing until it manifests.

Review and update your vision/map every few months if needed. If you are not afraid to 'Know thyself' and do the inner work, then you are evolving constantly and quickly. It is normal to want to shift directions in that case as our dreams and Divine Purpose becomes clearer the more we walk upon that road.

Not knowing where we are going and not feeling into our Divine Purpose daily (or frequently) is one of the root causes of depression.

The collective energy can sway us sometimes so we need to remind ourselves of our priorities and Divine Purpose, from time to time, especially if you are a sensitive.

Love and Miracles are here. Now.
Feel the higher energies to see it.


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