Keep your energy with you

The attention we give to people, things or situations directs where our energy is going. When we become drained of energy we may start feeling insecure and unsure of ourselves. It is one of the root causes of depression.

By focusing on energy we can trackback where in our life the drainage started.

The world is asking for our energy all the time and when we are unaware of this we can give our unconscious consent for chaos or toxic people to enter our lives. We don't realize we are 'allowing' the vampire in and that it takes two to create the drama or story.

People can siphon our energy through dramas, gossip, by wanting attention, through bullying or intimidation and by requiring assistance but not being supportive in return.

Systems out there are also starving for energy as more people wake up and take their sovereignty back by turning their backs from them and creating new solutions on a higher vibrational level.
The same thing is done: they create dramas or trending topics so we empower them to fruition with our focus, the fearstream (not mainstream) throw in what they know best and religious cults brainwashes people with disempowering beliefs so the followers continue to seek the answer outside of themselves.

Having many physical possessions or getting attached to the material also requires our energy, that's why those in the true spiritual path are minimalists or only have what they need.

Clearing our energy everyday is a good inner practice to go with the outer brushing of teeth or showering. Just imagine Source Light coming through you and ask that She/It return everything into the highest alignment, as well as anything out of it should be cleared. You may name what must leave such as fears, trauma and thought-forms.
Visualize your own Light and aura shining brightly, strongly and with no cracks.
As an Empath, instead of focusing on soaking on people's energy or that they will affect us, it is more peaceful to slowly change into the paradigm that we are empowered and shining the Light and our unique Truth instead. The more we focus on people's energies being able to affect us, the more we diminish our Light and what we hope for will happen because that's how we feel.
We can't change the way we feel overnight but we can move towards it slowly, diligently and with lots of self-care.

Love and Healing!

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