Crystal Meditation with The White Beings

I've been invited to be the guide you to the Crystal Ball - just to put a name to the chamber.

Its location is not important but it is within the Solar System and will remain here until it serves its purpose for those who are Ascending and transcending density.

It's like these Beings are 'camping' here. ^_^

The White Beings are from another Universe and a much higher density than us but they do 'drop down' and meet us halfway in a higher frequency and level of consciousness we can reach through stillness.

The higher the Beings, the more humble and unified they are so they not only do not think that giving their name is important but they also refer to themselves as 'We' instead of 'me'.

It is difficult for us in our current state to understand their tones and 'names' as well, so visually describing themselves is instantly comprehensible.

The White Beings are saying right now as I type this that they all have one crystal similar to the one they gave you in their homes, although they live in communities. They are showing me that their families are way bigger than the ones we have on Earth, which is usually blood-related. They say that family has to do with resonance, not fated unions.
They know that many Starseeds and Lightworkers have felt isolated and misunderstood by their blood-families but that we will now find our Soul and real families.
The isolation may also be serving for the purpose of introspection and healing.

Now that we became a galactic planet again, many Extraterrestrial, Extra-dimensional and Beings from other Universes are excited to connect with us even more.

That seems to be another reason why I incarnated at this time - I just realized.

These Light Beings and I hope that this treatment/retreat can take you from the chaotic (but renewing) reality for a moment so you can open the portal for ALL possibilities to enter your life. Humans, as well as the Light Beings are all fractals of Source and we are UNIfying so Higher is meeting Lower, Star Nations are meeting Earthlings as well as Source is coming to the form more fully.

And So It Is.

Love, Blessings and Healing,


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