Cosmic Journey ~ The last ones ~ Gratitude, detachment and focus

Cosmic Story ~ Starseed Empath Gratitude, detachment and focus activations ~Ascension support

Take a moment to breathe, center yourself, opening mind and heart to receive the energy activations and lessons. As I lay down for my daily relaxation and communion with Source, my consciousness was suddenly in the sky of a very white and cold planet.
You may accept these energies while you focus on what you want to let go, to uplevel gratitude and detachment levels and have laser focus on what is really important.

Suggested journaling or introspection exercises:

Write down about the things that really matter to the Heart. When we figure out our priorities that are aligned with the Soul, our True North is found.

On Earth, some creators were misaligned in their sacred imagination and influenced to create a lot of dystopic stories. The truth is that through difficulties and pain, people - no matter at what dimensional or consciousness level they are in - tend to get together in love in times of struggle. When everything is lost, as fractals of Source it is more probable that we learn how to live together in kindness, rather than harming or taking advantage of each other as dystopian books or movies suggest.

With the energies of these stories, let All Possibilities enter your BEing and your life if you resonated with this story.
By healing and taking responsibility for our consciousness and energy, we change the projection so the movie we are playing in the world changes.

If our civilization thinks, acts, imagines and creates in Loving ways, the entire planet will be lovingly changed. It is our inner wounds, triggers and false beliefs that we must clear so all of us can unify as one in alignment with The Source.

Love and Miracles!

✨ I am grateful for your support of this mission

Cosmic Stories ~ Opening the path for Magic and ALL Possibilities to enter individual and planetary life

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