Changing Page and Ig

Dear Friends,

I am not sure why I had so many problems with Facebook and Instagram. It may have started since I linked them together but I am not sure. As I don't fight the old but move up to the New by creating SouLutions, I won't waste time with customer service and will be shifting profiles. I feel it also has to do with their system's energies as no problem happened with any other services... yet.

Technical and social media issues started for me on the 11/11 when a portal opened and new Creation energy rays started to pour in. Things that don't resonate with Love are being dismantled and it will be ongoing as all Souls/Fractals of Source move into the space they truly belong to.

I will be moving to a new Instagram and FB Page.

I'd Love to connect with those who resonate with my shifting Service from the new accounts and I'm sorry for any inconvenience.
So much is breaking down or being renewed lately.

All we can do is go with the flow and take one step at a time during this breaking of the old Earth.

Love and gratitude always,

✨ I am grateful for your support of this mission

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