When INspiration is gone ~ Energy Update

Ascension Energy Update - Starseed Empath, Inspirational Quote

The moments when we feel drained, uninspired or 'down' are opportunities. If it turns into depression then we need to look within to witness the energy out of our fields. If it is not sadness, the demotivation may be a chance to review our direction and look within.

After losing inspiration and being on the energetic space of 'the void', I often have a deeper perspective of who I am, who I am becoming and where I am going.
This is a gift and a safety mechanism so we can adjust our direction, given to us by the Universe so we don't walk the wrong path for too long.
On old Earth, we could fight this but I am noticing that as we live in more Unity Consciousness, we are having to adjust with the flow. Living out of alignment has become more painful than ever.

By surrendering to this uncomfortable but safe space, we are able to see into the deepest corners of ourselves.
We are not living in the highest dimensions yet so we go through ups and downs of energy flow.

We seem to be going through this a lot through the end of December and the beginning of 2020, as the energies do what they must. It is different for each person.

Disconnecting from reality and honoring the uninspired state is also helpful, instead of fighting it. In the cocoon of surrender, a lot can be shifted.

The ideal would be if everyone could stop and rest when these low moments arrive without warning. If it is not possible, communicating with those around us about our needs or time alone can begin to open the space for it to happen. We also need to change somethings in our lives with the goal of slowing down. It will soon not be possible to maintain the old artificial rhythm. HUmans were not wired to rush.

If it's not possible to change environments, create an 'Ascension chamber' or sacred space where you can always go to for rest, introspection and alignment.
Ignoring the inner callings usually results in blockages.

Those who Love you will eventually accept your needs, even if they don't understand you.
Just by being sensitive, your aura must be huge, making you literally need a lot of space.

Many in the world focused on doing and almost nothing on BEing. The planet is changing and things can become extra challenging if we don't take moments to remain still.
There was also an emphasis on thinking, rather than feeling and that must also come into balance.
We are feeling-Beings and blocking it can cause depression. When blocks accumulate, a life crisis occurs.
The Heart must be open, clear and unblocked for a peaceful existence.

There are more layers and reasons to everything but I feel that we are being nudged to be still as we align with the new rhythm going forward.
Many people were pushed into slowing down over the last decades, so the pattern shows us what the Universe/Source is telling us.

We know that doing too much or having too many roles didn't work. Humanity ended up stressed and sick.
We must find our unique and individual balance.

For me, it's more about Being rather than doing but when I exaggerated it caused unbalance and unhappiness, so I added some doing into my life.
Each person is usually wired to go one way or the other. By knowing ourselves, we can find the balance, eventually.

Love and Peace to You,

✨ I am grateful for your mutual support

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