The New Age

We now enter the long-awaited New Age, the Golden Age or the New Earth. We've been leaving our density baggage behind all this time, first the world's and then our own.

This is a sacred passage until January 12, as many in the Universe wait while holding their breath. After the planetary alignment, we will need some time to integrate.
Instead of just waiting, the last days of December till now is a good opportunity for rest and letting go of anything out of alignment with Source and Home.

On the planetary alignment of January 12, let's join in stillness, creating a sacred space while lending our Light to complete the 'Interrupted Ceremony'. I will be joining at any time on that day for me.

Starseeds and Lightworkers all across the world will UNITe, connecting Uluru's umbilical cord to the Sun as we finally finish what has been prophecized in dreams. It is one of the higher meanings of why Australia was being cleared by fire, which is so painful to understand from our perspective but we must remember that any event has many layers and higher reasons behind them.

I saw many rays of white Light coming in and then shooting out of Australia, and only when this receiving and broadcasting was over, there would be rain.
Uluru's umbilical cord is in Australia, so we understand even more why the heartbreaking clearings are happening.
We continue to pray, Love and support them into the New, however, according to what our Hearts call us to do.

The whole world is being transmuted, not always by the fire element, but by air, earth, water and ether.

In 2016, a great shift happened for me personally and for many and I suddenly felt like creating a 'sacred site' in my home, around my land. It is now surrounded by a tall pyramid of Source Light that goes up into the sky and I still strengthen it with visualization. It's been only 3 years but it completely shifted the energies.

In 2006, two other Starseeds and I went to Mount Fuji and had a difficult experience. We were very sick and were transmuting very dark stuff out of there. I am feeling the mountain calling me again and I will be going when the weather and the time feel right.

Gaia is also clearing many lands by herself as we have not been Her caretakers and things have been out of alignment.
It is important for the civilization on the planet to live in Harmony with the Mother and all Living Beings upon Her in a Vegan or Loving way.
We have only been invited and never 'owned' Earth.
We must drop the old Earth judgment, however, knowing that She is not punishing us but has chosen to Ascend to Her next level.

Call upon Source and your Spiritual Support to completely clear and reset your whole Being - cells, DNA, energy fields and your Heart - while you do your part of the work in Co-Creation with them by opening a sacred space of silence or relaxation and support will be available.
In that zero-point of no time and space, all can be renewed. What no longer serves can more easily drop away in the cocoon of surrender.

Do you remember knowing that a Shift was coming since you were little?
Couldn't you always feel there was something really wrong with this planet and that's why you didn't fit in anywhere? Then you are probably an agent of Change.

We've done this unconsciously as we related and understood what Humans have been going through for thousands of years but now it comes the time for New Earth Pioneers to fully live openly and consciously of what they are.

All that was out of alignment begins to flow.

This is also the 'Wall of Light' that many of us couldn't see beyond. Maybe you used to have a feeling of what the next years would bring but suddenly couldn't see beyond 2020.

I may share now 'conversations' with Source I had especially throughout the last half of 2019. Until recently, I didn't understand it but reached a level of consciousness that I do now.

I saw paint being thrown at a canvas to create abstract art and this was the vision I was given for 2020.
In linear time, this vision kept translating itself as my vibration rose and my consciousness expanded.

Source used the image of art to show the many beautiful colors. Many of them cannot be perceived by us yet.
These colors are the energies that are coming and will create things we've never been or seen before.
BEing the New always comes first, then we create the world through perception. That's why we shouldn't take criticism and triggers personally as we all see the world through the lens of what we are.

The blank canvas is 2020.
The paint being thrown at random means that what will be created for a while is not a grand plan anymore. As the paints land on the canvas, we will see the New Creation and from there, we will continue on a much higher vibration.
The same will happen in our individual lives.

As long as we live in Unity - having the Highest Good of All as a priority - our creative potential will be infinite.
When we step upon another person or animal's sovereignty, the freedom is revoked and more Universal Laws are imposed upon the Soul who disrespects Life.

As many have a Heart awakening and Soul finally meets the body, people will now live from Love, not the illusion of fear. That's why outside authority and anti-Love matrices have been crumbling. This will accelerate now. I've seen signs they have been out of 'fuel' for a long time now but since July 2019, it increased. Much irredeemable darkness has been surrendered back to Source already. That means that they no longer exist.

If the habit and illusion of fear come up, breathe through it and choose better. Coach your body to release it. Train the mind and breathe through the emotional body to see this implant and illusion for what it is. Once we are aware, the monster under the bed (subconscious) can't control us anymore. HUmanity's boggard is fear.

Fear is such an illusion that we have to be attacked, convinced or told countless times that it was real until we embraced it. That's why no child is born afraid because they are in the most 'clear' stage a person can be.

Try to bring back what you felt and knew in your Heart to be true as a child. That was the stage we were closer to the Higher Realms. Without the ego created from pain and fear, many of us were wiser back then. We knew better than to believe in the illusions. Then, we were indoctrinated by the matrix to give up who we were and our dreams.

Childhood visions are not fantasies, they are premonitions showing the path ahead.

Love has bloomed.

Thank you for your many different Services and Missions for the Planet and All. We wouldn't be here if some didn't have the courage to be their unique selves they came here to express.

All the Love and Hope to You,

✨ I am grateful for your mutual support to continue this mission

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