Healing a layer of depression for good

Empath emotional healing - Depression and Trauma

Sometimes we wake up feeling heavy and sad, not inspired to be or do much.
By knowing ourselves, we can see how our bodies and energy fields work, making it easier to realize what is going on.

That is how I've learned what the things coming up meant for me and I have supported others to figure this out on themselves as well. All we need is to look within. 'Know Thyself' is still one of the most important teachings on Earth.

It is important to look at the root cause of the pattern or what is behind the depressive state.
You may believe in anything you choose but after decades of thinking that I had depression since I was 8, I've found that it wasn't a disease but more like the accumulation of many blocks. The late Pete K. Gerlach said that depression was unfinished grief and I agree that it's one of the greatest causes.

By processing the little bits that come up from moment to moment, I healed a lot and feel mostly peaceful. I don't go up and down emotionally anymore because the secret is to come back to the center, not to play with polarities that make us go happy and then depressed, excited and then drained, or from positive to negative. That is very draining.

In the audio blog below, I talk about 3 steps you can take to deal with whatever is coming up so you can at least get out of bed if you have to. The ideal would be that we were allowed to do self-care when we don't feel well, but the collective consensus is that it is only excusable when we have physical ailments, even though emotional pain is more debilitating.
The main cause behind suicides is emotional - with shame being the main pattern - rather than physical suffering.

When high vibrational energies come in, we immediately start a purging process that can be more or less painful according to how much inner work we already did.

Ascension is mostly emotional purging.

The old Earth matrix was an anti-Human system that constantly traumatized us and didn't allow us to have a Soul to body connection.
What is happening now is that Soul and Source are coming in. Some of us already live in that state, on and off. It is an on-going contact with the Source Creator the more aligned and clear we are. We just need to keep looking within and stay with the process as neutrally as possible.

In the step by step audio-blog, I explain how to remove the emotional charge of the low vibrational triggers, emotions and wounds that are coming up.

Hopefully, this will help you to be up and functioning relatively quickly if you have to.

The exercises will only help you to remove one layer of the depression. A new layer will show up for you to heal after a time. Don't get discouraged, thinking that your healing is not progressing. If you stay with your pain, the witnessed energy/emotion WILL move away. You are just dealing with the next step of healing.

Journal your progress and you'll clearly see your improvement in hindsight. It is encouraging to see how emotionally balanced you become when you take responsibility for your consciousness and energy.
That's why it is important that we pay attention to the Universe within, not to what other people are doing.

The process becomes easier over time.

I went through intense trauma purging once I evolved to Vegan (Animals being the biggest source of trauma, depression and fear energy in the collective) I went through years of the clearing. The beginning is the worst part as everything is stuck but things get better and better until you find yourself in Peace and neutrality most of the time. That's when the news, rude people or difficult situations do not affect as it used to. It is not recommended - however - to follow the mainstream (fearstream) news or to maintain toxic people in our lives, no matter if they are family. Respect is essential in all relationships. What we consume and surround ourselves with affect us over time.

True healing comes from transmuting the root cause.

These exercises will help you to keep your head and not spiral down into an even deeper depression, which leads to despair. After that, you can go to work or accomplish your schedule relatively well, although the High Heart may feel sore because you will literally free energetic and physical space so new energies can fill you. That's why purging is so important. We want to keep evolving and never lose ourselves in how 'bad' things are at certain times as they all pass.
If we just remain depressed, give up or complain (venting is important but it's different from complaining about the same things without changing), we will only amplify our situation.

When you accomplish your schedule and return home, take the time to dive deep and understand the root cause of the depression. Inner issues run our lives from the background not just beliefs.

The energetic block is an inner issue first. When we know ourselves and can transparently say that the problem is not within, we can look at the people or environment around us. Toxic and parasitic people can drain us of energy. As we are all responsible for our own selves only. Maybe it's time for them to leave your life if they are not willing to evolve into kindness or a minimal amount of respect. At other times, it is our environment that is draining and we need to start making different choices or shift things a bit to get out of those situations.

Take that moment every day to listen to the Heart, which will show you the next step always. If you don't find the answer, It may be a little blocked so keep with the practice and the Heart will clear eventually.

When you healed and unblocked enough, the inner voice or Source will be heard louder and clearer than the noise of the outside world.

I hope this helps and you are very much Loved.

✨ I am grateful for your mutual support

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