Conditional self-esteem

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Attaching reasons and values to our self-esteem makes it conditional and volatile.

True Self-Love comes from no reason at all. Love just flows, it doesn't have barriers and it is not picky. When we block the flow, all areas suffer. To really become Loving means to Love all Life: Humans, Animals, Nature, The Source - which is within us and in everything.
The same goes for our individual self-esteem.

We must love ourselves beyond the identities acquired over the years. To love beyond our talents, flaws, roles, mistakes, degrees, achievements or whatever it is.

If we attach meaning to our self-love, we block it when we lose the thing that gave reason to the love.

True self-love does not go up and down. It is always there through adversity and ease because it is immutable.

When we subconsciously link our job to self-esteem, it will suffer a hit if that work is gone. If we attach it to a person, it will be gone when that relationship is.

When we truly love ourselves, we do it despite having friends or not, being successful or not, having gone to school or not, or for having had a balanced family in childhood or not. Nothing outside of our Soul dictates how valuable or lovable we are. We just Are.

Many of us spend our lives with low self-esteem because of a toxic or abusive family. We subconsciously repeat the same thing that was said and done to us by spiritually sick parents. Their unbalance does not dictate our true value. Whatever horrible things people do to others have no reflection on the victim, only about their own selves. By all means, if the sabotaging and attacks continue, cut them out of your life if that is the case. Relationships take two and a reasonable and minimal amount of respect is obligatory. It doesn't matter if they are family or long-time friends.

My narcissistic ex-mom was completely wrong about me. It messed up the first three decades of my life but it didn't mean I should live by the paradigm she helped me to create.

At every moment, we have the opportunity to breathe and choose better. We can go one little step higher or shift directions.

It doesn't matter how 'they' treated you.

How would you like to be treated?
We give ourselves what we want without expecting others to do it for us. That is the path towards emotional and energetic sovereignty.

Infinite Love to You.
You are worthy just because you exist.


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