The Heart is a compass ~ And ongoing 'symptoms'

Your map lies there.

As do all the secrets of this lifetime: your Divine Mission, how to heal yourself and what is in your Highest Good.

Your answers are not out there, no experts or gurus carry them and they are not for sale.
Whatever access to information others have, you do too for You are Source

You are lovingly and humbly Powerful, Sovereign and Free.

The undiluted part of Source - our Creatrix/Creator that never entered density - would never have dropped you here without ALL the tools that you need to experience whatever you'd like and then re-align so you can return Home with all that you learned and enjoyed.

Go back to the known Spiritual Qualities of Compassion, Respect for All Life, Unity, Integrity, Courage, Love, authenticity, etc to find your True North again.

Energy Update

This is a very high vibrational and energetically strong time. Consult your Heart often, your stargate to Source.
Rest is much needed as well. Many of us seem to be going through sleepiness and then switching into not being able to sleep or waking up at odd hours.
Lots of re-arrangements within.

You are so eternally Loved and important for this shift.
Thank you for BEing here.

Love and Abundance,

✨ I am grateful for any support

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