Solstices Review, 1999 ~ 2019

Starseed empaths & Lightworkers, Ascension and Solstice

My Ascension started by the end of 1998, when I was attacked with black magic. It was allowed to happen as it removed all my life force and almost killed me but I needed to 'cement' myself into the low dimensional old Earth to open pathways by healing myself, understand and witness what Humanity was going through and what the fear matrix was really about.
As I don't harm other people or animals, I couldn't hate, embody fear or some heavy pattern completely - like living from the ego - it wasn't really possible for me to lower my vibration and stay there unless Light was removed artificially.

In 2009, I was out of that space.

I kept remembering how to self-heal through Veganism (removing Animal suffering, trauma and fear, which digresses DNA), with a lot of self-care, time alone, diving deep into my issues to feel, process or cry them out, I started to move a bit through yoga and walking, started eating better, strengthened my connection to Source, etc, my vibration rose.

The last 10 years have been increasingly lighter and surreal. But nothing can be compared to what 2019 has been. January feels like yesterday and the year is already ending.

Who would have guessed how the embodiment of more of Source into physical form would feel like this?
There have been instances where I was here as Marta, meditating while laying down and at the same time, I was on a ship, supporting Earth from the outside. I had my Consciousness bi-locate before and that wasn't it. It felt like being in two places at the same time and I never did that before.

One night, as I lay there to sleep, I suddenly saw the sky with my eyes closed. I saw the vivid stars, felt the chill and the wind as well like I was physically out of body. When I opened the curtains, there were clouds so I moved very high to see the stars without disruption.

There was an occasion where I was there as the observer as my Higher Self coached the Lower Self to release fear. It felt like being three Beings at the same time.

On the 11/11, I can't even describe what happened throughout most of the day but basically, I felt that Higher Self and Source were present. It was incredible and I didn't feel time pass. There were no thoughts, just potent Peace and Love. And the Sun was emanating blue and violet Light. I posted the picture on social media.

These were just glimpses of our abilities to come. It is in our DNA and Human potential.

I woke up on my December 21 with a feeling I had a 'meeting upstairs' and a very clear image + feeling came back with me to the Lower Self. I could see a general division between these two decades as 1999, 2009 and 2019 were drawn in a graphic. Maybe I was taking a course in the higher realms. Looking back, I can see their clear energies like stair steps and how high in vibration each decade got.

As the magic and miracles increase, I can't even begin to describe what 2020 feels like. I usually had a feeling about a near-future or what the next year would be like but now, the future looks like pure Light and 2020 is just that. It is out of my current comprehension.

We are stepping into a new us and a New Era. It is being created right now, at the same time, it already exists and it's palpable sometimes. I can see it through people's kindness and those who have benevolent, harmless Hearts. I can feel it strongly through the eyes of an animal. It is in the air and within me too.

I never truly lived outside of Unity Consciousness since I was born, but I can feel so many joining in, wishing it or understanding it with their Hearts - where True Higher Intelligence lies - not the brain.

Rest and there is no such thing as drinking too much water ^_^
Which is what I am doing.

Some high energy days can have us flat in our beds. I've got very sick physically recently and then the emotional purging began. Remember that these are opportunities to sweep under the rug and remove things that have been hidden but get uncovered by the New Light. They were running our lives from the background and can be called Consciousness Traps. We don't want that garbage. We want all of our Consciousness and Energy within us. We each generate our own Light, as well as meet Source halfway. No one needs to give their energy (enable, sacrifice, worship, follow or save) to others as we are all sovereign.

Fear baits were thrown at Humanity but if we look and feel into the Shift, it is possible to see how much support we have and that things are happening in the most Harmonious way possible.
We are discovering a new way of change, one that it's not traumatic as the trauma pattern itself is leaving our bodies, the planet and out of existence.

Diseased energetic seeds have been surrendered back to Source as a New Creation and Era emerges.

My Higher Self constantly stops me when I look for points of reverence in the past - out of habit. She says 'Things will be very different next year' or 'We are not repeating that but Creating the New.' And I instantly feel the zero point where all possibilities exist where there is no space for miscreations anymore.
It seems that we've played with density and separation. The Human without the Divine experience is done and over. We may experience the Source in the incarnated form if we wish. When we do not feel in that state, it's usually purging and clearing of the old.

We choose the Highest Good for All now, more than specific, ego dreams.
Living from the Heart is the only thing encouraged, anything else may be painful.
Breathe so you can come back to the moment often.
Fears are illusions

Bliss, creativity, Unity, reverence and Love is here for those who wish.
When we BEcome it, it is revealed to us.

We are so Loved and watched over.

Live in Love,

✨ I am grateful for any energy exchange

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