Forgotten - Healing deep sadness/depression within - A Cosmic Tale

Maybe all of us carry the 'Original Wound' we felt when separating from the undiluted Source at the beginning of our journey. It is one of the biggest root causes of fear and loneliness. That can slowly and diligently be healed through Love.
The Love for ourselves, for all Souls - no matter what type of body they house - Mother Nature, by occupying our Heart (and live less from the ego) and by BEing in Service (not sacrifice).

This tale may support the energetic activation of those who are ready to let go of old stories, even those their Souls don't remember consciously and are wanting to heal the deep sadness within. It all starts from the causal realm and it trickles down to the physical life, while the changes are slow or quick depending on our level of healing or alignment, according to how much inner work we've done.
That is the gift these people are offering us with their energies.

I know that healing what I call The Void within has been the work of a lifetime for me. It was the root cause of my suicidal feelings and fantasies, the deep sadness and loneliness within. I needed to accept exactly who I was in a world that teaches us to compare ourselves to others so we feel small, diminishing our Light and sabotaging our Divine Mission.
No friends, boyfriends and distractions could fill the space I needed to nurture myself. And that's the beauty of it: we are sovereign. As some of us continue to move up in frequency, this is becoming more palpable as we drop the neediness and the need for outside validation.

Cosmic Story ~ Forgotten

In a faraway space, I saw still, grey smoke amongst the stars. Looking closely, a great ship was visible staying still and silent in the middle of nowhere.

I 'remained' there in meditation for a few minutes, just waiting and looking at the craft, observing the illuminated endless windows and some movement inside.
They had released the smoke to hide from view.

The ship had a rounded front, it was dark gray with a platinum strip going from the front to the end of the craft.

My Consciousness was outside of the ship and then the 'walls' ceased to exist and I could see the inside.

Inside, there were two very different types of people.
The first was a light-pink skin, completely naked short beings. The outer corner of their black and shiny eyes was slightly pointy, not exactly almond-shaped. Their heads were bald and slightly longer in the back of the skull. They had no hair and seemed to have no mouths or they were too small for me to see from afar.

The second people looked a bit like us Humans but had bigger, completely black and Asian-like eyes. Their cheekbones were quite sharp, as were their jaw. Their hair was divided in the middle and looked like our Rastafari style. Their single strand was infinitely thicker than each of our hair strands.

They were dressed in a high collared royal blue coat and tight pants with golden lines decorating their uniform.

They were all telepaths and I got a sense they were 4D Beings.

They didn't know about our region or about us here, at that time and space.

I got a feeling they came from the same 'place', star system or neighborhood, although they obviously were not of the same species or planet.
They worked well together like they've been doing so for a long time, as a family. There was absolute resonance. Even though they looked so different from the outside, they vibrated the same in the inside.

Then I became aware of some level of anxiety - not much as they were not into fear - but there was worry. Their ship was stationary because it was broken.
They knew how long they had and they were trying to fix their vehicle.
I suddenly felt sad, knowing they were not going to make it.

I remained there in space, as myself and as a fractal of Source, witnessing and Loving these forgotten people.

Their story hasn't been told until now.

In this Now moment of spiral time, their Souls are well, but in that dimension and time, they were forgotten.

They wanted to be seen. What Source experience in that space through them and the teachings we can learn from it feels like they were 'frozen' in a capsule until a Cosmic Traveller or Storyteller could come and pick it up.

As we are all One With Source, the 'experience of separation' is over now and we are Unifying. As we become One - in a sense - the bigger picture is coming to light. Our wounds are being healed and purged. Darkness is coming up to be seen and transmuted and untold stories are being heard.

Whatever you learn from their tale is up to you. You could have been in that ship and maybe an unexplainable loneliness you felt can heal now. Some others who will read this may have gone through something similar and it would be equally healing, that's why we like to find others who went through similar experiences. It is easier to heal when there is empathy and resonance.

Many Souls on Earth now have recently experienced other energies, forms and worlds. It can be quite isolating but we can see that all end well, even though our Souls sometimes go through challenging experiences.

You may keep these energies with you, shelve it for later or discard if it doesn't resonate.
I am only supposed to Tell.

I took with me the calm and Unity they showed until the end. It is already integrating.

I am glad I didn't need to transmute anything - as these journeys are quite different from my missions on old Earth - so I was brought 'back' here once I realized they didn't make it.
I knew, however, that in time, they accepted their faith. No one could know where they were to come and help as they seemed to be an expedition that went to explore uncharted territory, neither could they fix the ship. They didn't know what would happen next but faced their fate in courageous resignation, while having to witness the loss of their family, very slowly as they lived for a long time.
We must see everything through many lenses and perspectives. At least they were in absolute Harmony and went through this with their loved ones.

If they could live in Harmony in the middle of nowhere albeit inside of a large ship, we can accept and Love each other in a world as large as Gaia.

Remember that We Are One and we are more than Loved,

Be Kindness, be harmless.


I am grateful to those who help to keep this going

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