Follow your own pace

Mother Nature never rushes and still, She gets everything done in time, rebuilding what has been broken and replacing what is needed.

Be like our Mother and the Animals and follow your own rhythm.

Society taught us to rush but they are stressed and feeling anxious for many live in fear.

In a world that went wrong, we must use our Heart compass to carve our own path, not to leave our mark - a wish of the ego - but to re-align ourselves with the Universal Truth, to INspire others and to raise the vibration.

Since accepting and embracing that my rhythm is slow as a turtle, I've found Peace and everything work out better.

We are all different and unique and cannot follow someone else's rhythm and path or we will feel unhappy like something is wrong.

Always look at the root cause.

Love and lots of Self-Care,

I am grateful for any support

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