Energy Update

I was zoned out yesterday - not completely here nor 'there' either and was barely able to post an energy update on facebook. It was one of the most intense flash/waves I've felt to date.

The graphic shows the intensity of what we went through.

I saw a sign that reminded me to share a vision that I had but couldn't understand it very well in November, so I was waiting for Divine Timing to show me when.

My consciousness was suddenly on Earth's orbit as I saw a few things during those reality changing days before and after the 11/11. The day itself was surreal - with my Higher Self and Source walking in completely and 'taking over' for hours. 'They' showed me my personal new choices, infinite possibilities and mission. I felt like I wasn't living on Earth completely on that day - if these things can be described at all. Basically, I was in a different space and my Knowing expanded.

A few days later, I saw a blanket of Source Light covering our planet, from one side to another. It completely enveloped our planet, wrapping us into something brand new. I'd love to hear other feelings on this. For me, blankets mean warmth, nurturing and what we cover ourselves with before a new day. It will mean different things to other people as we are all unique perspectives of Source.

Another incredibly beautiful vision I had was of countless - maybe billions - extraterrestrial ships around Earth beaming strong Light into our world as I immediately and physically felt ourselves 'raising' up or going into a slightly higher space. The surreal experience I had was that as I lay in bed as Marta, I was also 'there' and was one of the Ets coordinating that mission with others. I thought about not sharing this second vision yet because I don't know all that they were doing but I gave it a long time and it hasn't expanded beyond that so this is probably all I'll see. They were Loving but very focused and sure of what they were doing. I'll never forget how wonderful and luminous the vision was as I watched in real-time. As well as seeing so many Star Nations together. They are all over our Solar system.

Spiritually advanced extraterrestrials, Light Beings, our Angels, Guides and Guardians will not leave us alone to face this until we are fully empowered. On the other hand, Guides have been 'leaving us to just be' and trust in ourselves more.
When my 6D Arcturian Guide left in 2015, I asked him why wasn't him with me all the time and the only breadcrumb he left me was 'You are a guide too', and exited through my window 😂
Higher-dimensional Beings do have a sense of humor and sometimes they did dramatic things so their message would be unforgettable. It worked. I didn't believe him at all for a long time but kept focusing within, maintaining my energy with me, in self-healing and eventually I understood all that he meant with a single sentence.
Don't parents let us fall so we can learn how to walk?

Source Itself is us and is within all of us at all times. The more we nurture the connection, the easier it is to 'hear' Her/Him.

Great times are already here for those who kept and lived from their Hearts.
I also feel the nudge to share again that since October, I've been feeling that Source is sounding the last call for those on the fence to get into their Hearts (living a harmless life and in Harmony with All Beings, in kindness, forgiveness, spiritual values...) and really dive deep.
Everyone has puzzle pieces of our way back Home but our inner guidance is the map.

I will start to play with making the blogs into audio blog forms:

We are not alone and we have each other.

Bliss and Love,

✨ An energy exchange is much appreciated

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