Energy Update ~ Floating above ground

These last weeks have been intense as we float with no ground to step upon. This can cause fear in the body - the latest and densest part to change.

I've been shown this energy for a moment in November. It can give the body anxiety as we receive energies never felt before.

Process the issues, wounds or patterns that come up but allow your self to just Be at this time.
There is a deep transformation happening as we prepare for 2020. It can feel like heaviness in the physical body. At other times, almost the opposite occurs and it may feel like we are floating.

In the emotional body, it may cause you to feel uninspired or like giving up. Know that it is only a phase as we step even higher into the unknown.
When we identify with our fleeting emotions, things may get stuck.
Coach your body to breathe through it.
Extreme patience with the Self is required. Try for Peace and neutrality, not being happy and then sad, or positive to then fall into negativity.

We are entering a New Era and won't be carrying old baggage.

Immersing in activities that take the mind off of things for a while can be energizing and soothing.

Rest a lot and remember that you are being nurtured, protected and So Very LOVEd the whole way 'there'.

Love and Abundance to You,

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