Vegan Spirituality II - Light Beings In Higher Dimensions

In this second part of two, I share some unforgettable meetings I had with Light Beings and how true 5D Beings Love All with no barriers (HUmans, Animals, seen and unseen Beings, Mother Gaia and All That Is).

Yeshua - not the composed figure of the Christ but the real one - has supported me through some difficult times in my life since I was little. It was because of Him that I read the bible when I was 5 or 6 without anyone telling me to do so. I've also 'felt' the distorted information there and I never considered joining a religious cult ever since. I only read it because I loved Yeshua and knew the book was important.
I was pondering about Yeshua one night, about how he lived and saw this world. I finally found the courage to ask him if He had been Vegan. He replied ‘I love Animals and would never hurt them.’ With the exchange there was also understanding, carrying and I felt his appreciation.

We have inner wisdom and shouldn't follow anyone. But if there are more signs that are needed to know if murdering Animals is correct or not - according to Universal Law - Socrates Pythagoras, Leonardo da Vinci, Plato and Nikola Tesla are great examples of 5D Consciousness Humans living ahead of their time to prepare the ground for us. They intuitively knew what was fair or not due to their clear Hearts and open minds.

After purging enough trauma throughout the years, I had a much lighter  Heart and energy flow in my fields. When I was meditating for maybe two hours one day, I was suddenly contacted by Antana, an elder from Shambhala. The ‘password’ for some Earth high vibrational realms, bubbles or Inner Earth cities is a minimal level of Heart frequency. He asked me if I wanted to meet Shambhala, where the people who descend from Mu live during astral travel. I almost jumped and said that of course, I wanted to go.

He guided me because I woke up with a very vivid memory, which doesn't happen all the time. I usually only have a feeling, picture or message.
He reminded me of Tolkien’s Elrond because he was very welcoming and wore long robes.
There were about 3 meters tall, wore the same robes and a tall headpiece. I was invited to dine at a long table with about 200 and they all bowed to me. That is how they welcome guests. There was reverence and the respect that is so rare in this world that I almost cried.
There were hundreds of things exchanged with that simple gesture from multiple levels. They truly saw me for who I AM and I felt at home. I’ve never been in an environment in my life where I trusted everyone in the room since I was a baby. There were no demands or judgment. It was very healing.

When I was about to sit I tensed a bit. I thought about what I was going to say if they offered me some Animal to eat, worried that I would obviously refuse and offend everyone.
I heard someone chuckle, followed by a few others and when I raised my eyes from the table, they were grinning at me – not in mockery – and Antana said ‘We do not eat Animals.’ I felt embarrassed, realizing they were all telepaths and in my panic, I must have screamed my thoughts at them. It was so funny. I always smile when I remember this.

They were fruitarians and 5D Beings almost going 6D.
Then I looked down at the table. The first thing I saw were grapes that had a different color than those on 'surface Earth'. There were fruits we've never seen and colors that don't exist in 3 or 4D.
It's not that they live in physical caves 'down there'. I'll not mention where is the entrance but many may guess that they are located under great mountains. Shambhala is a realm. If we walked there we wouldn't find it unless we did the inner work all of our lives, lived a clean, Loving life and would need an invitation as well. After that I guess we would need to meditate for days to even perceive something, I am guessing. Their high dimensional bubble is located in Inner Earth.

There were many other things that happened that I might share in the future as I figure how to share my Cosmic Stories. Then he gave me a tour through their quiet and beautiful stone city.
They did not cut their trees but allowed plants to grow as they wished only adding decorations or personal touches. The dining hall had been open, there were no doors or windows, only a stone roof held by beautifully carved light pillars. The place also looked a little like Tolkien's Rivendell.
I feel the author himself was an advanced Soul from another realm who brought his memories with him.
There was no danger there. They didn’t lock themselves in houses but lived in communities. I’ve found that the more evolved a civilization, the more they go back to Nature instead of creating cold cities and are not into artificial technology but organic.

Antana was the wisest Soul there but he was also the one who served the most. Leaders in the higher realms don't sit back and are not above their people. They lead by example. People just consulted him because he was the highest in vibration.
As we walked, I was grinning all the while like a child (my greatest passion is to meet Light Beings and Higher Realms), I stopped suddenly and my Earthly fears came to the surface. I saw a Sabertooth Tiger looking at me intently, and forgot about my tour guide for a moment. Antana then said that it was ok - probably feeling my tension - and that Animals were peaceful in that realm. There were no predators there. I was looking at an Ascended Animal. I understood we pushed this beautiful species out of our dimension due to our violence and now they live on in a better place.

When they first made contact, my Arcturian Family and I had long conversations but one thing they told me was that Veganism was responsible for me to be able to lift my vibration and consciousness high enough so they could meet me halfway. I heard another Arcturian Starseed saying his guide told him the same thing. That was the norm for us before incarnating on Earth.

If we live a clean and high vibrational life we attract Light Beings with equal integrity, Love and wisdom. Guides are not superior to us, we will attract those who are exactly like us. They only have a slightly higher perspective that we can acquire by evolving ourselves. They'll only be there until we become multidimensional and can see from above ourselves.

While in meditation again, I was once contacted by a Fairy who doesn’t want her name known. Since 2012, ‘my’ rescues started leaving their bodies. It was heartbreaking, as we lost one Animal after another. Before I was healed from one departed Child, I lost another. I rescue the elderly, sick or adults as most people only want baby Animals.
As a few of my ‘Children’ arrived at the next plane of existence where they take care of the Animals of this region, she was intrigued when the healer said it was another one from ‘that house’.
I have a rescuing thing going on here at home and they noticed.
It was unusual to have so many Animals coming from one single house  - she said.
Sometimes I just feed them, at others they need healing and some are released as they will be happier in the wild and know how to take care of themselves. As they all would if we just let them Be.

She wanted me to share a message if I wished. She said that many people say that Fairies and Elemental people love the environment and that is not the whole true. The elementals have a special love for Animals and their well-being is essential for a harmonious environment. She also wanted me to tell other Vegans, rescuers and those who speak up for them that we have a LOT of invisible support. That many sympathize with us from unseen realms because before us, nobody cared. They feel what Animals go through in farms, zoos and all exploitive businesses and they find it abhorrent. All sensitive Beings can feel what Animals are suffering. We are all connected and it’s hurting us all. They know we are kind of ‘new’ here and they want us to stay and multiply. One of the reasons why they withdrew from HUmans it’s because most of us distanced ourselves from Nature and Animals. There was a time in Earth's history - before descension (after Mu/Lemuria) - when HUmans did not eat Animals.

Many Light Beings also want Animal Liberation. It's not just about Humanity. Evolved Beings see things holistically, they don't compartmentalize things as we do.

Veganism is a self-healing method in itself. Even though I've been attacked by negative entities since I was little, they couldn't get near me again because I became invisible to them since I went Vegan. The post is about our true way of eating and living but obviously, inner work, Heart clearing and perspective are all necessary for one to raise their vibration as well, but I talk about free self-healing ways I've found all the time on the blog.
Entities no longer had access to me and then used unaware or low-frequency physical people but as we keep raising our vibration, we can slowly dodge and raise above that too.

The new grid protects heart-based people now, the old world insanity can still reach us sometimes but they are losing their grip every day.

Veganism was the game-changer for the rise of my self-confidence, courage, self-Love and energy levels. Before going cruelty-free I used to have depression, anxiety, lots of nightmares, toxic shame and guilt.
It was the most important thing I did for my alignment with Source and it was even more important than meditation, as I was practicing it before I went cruelty-free. No change in density happens overnight but looking back I can clearly see the tipping point.

After evolving to Vegan the energetic, emotional, mental and physical purging started.
To feed upon Animal trauma, suffering and fear are to put a heavy lid upon our own wounds. The first noticeable sign was that I couldn't hold on to anger anymore.

A clear Heart and consciousness will blast any implants, energetic blocks and thought-forms automatically. If you lost everything as I did during my Dark Night of the Soul, know that you can do all that is needed to heal and evolve on your own. There is no need for healers or fancy methods. I had no financial, emotional or physical support during the Void but it was necessary for me to heal fast. Keep taking the time for relaxation everyday and cut all sources of fear. Their secondary sources would be the news, watching or reading violence, terror or suspense, having toxic people around and whatever doesn't make you feel in the flow. It means it doesn't resonate and your Soul wants you to step up. When we don't listen, life crisis occurs.

The shifts that used to happen over many years quickened. I don’t have much low vibration, pain, fears or density left. I still look within as evolution continues but there are no huge blocks left unseen.

No matter how sensitive we are or not, we can feel all the Animal went through to come to a plate for one or two minutes of pleasure.

To feed upon a Being of a lower consciousness is very damaging. Even if it was not cruel and it was freely offered, Higher Beings would never eat us or put lower frequency DNA into their bodies, for example. It digressed People and it has been imposed on us from parasitic entities from black holes so we would get stuck in lower energies and karma.

Eating Animals and their fluids transformed HUmanity into a more fearful and aggressive type of Beings overtime, passing down mutations, trauma and violence down the generations.

The Lyrans - the first HUmans didn’t consume Sentient Beings. No benevolent race does. We, certain Reptilians and digressive entities are one of the last civilizations committing such atrocities while completely dissociated from the Heart.

This is not preaching or judgment, it’s simply the Truth Source asked to write about because no one else did. I looked.

I do scan the collective sometimes and feel that some of the truly Spiritual figured this out already but are shy or afraid to say it – which is completely understandable – but if we don’t have the guts to speak up, then who? Are the number of readers, the fear of not selling things or being approved more important than the Truth we know in our hearts?

We, the Animal Defenders who came here to help lift the collective distorted beliefs towards the innocent. We've suffered because we were trained our whole lives to get out of society, face our fears, criticism and attacks. From a higher perspective, that’s WHY we suffered this, to develop a thick skin.

Those who incarnated on Earth to be the New, are incorruptible. We knew some would sell out to the system. The more we step into our missions, the more courage we will have.

All genuine Lightworkers went to hell and back.

We didn’t come here to support the system, to get rich, popular or any luciferian illusions, we came here to break it down. Evolved planets do not use money.

Love allows every Being to just be. No amount of philosophizing, distorting or hijacking of Truths will change that Compassion IS Benevolent.
Compassionate slaughter…
Organic fed Animals…
It’s mind-boggling what this world came to in these end times and how many Souls are lost to the dark.

In this Ascension times, we let the Animals go free. We do not impose trauma, emotional or physical pain upon these Souls or we will have to rectify it.

When an advanced species interfere with a less conscious one, they are ‘tied’ to the lower one. Once we evolve into Love, we can’t help but go back and undo the harm we’ve done.

There are races who cannot Ascend because of some mistakes they’ve done to some less conscious civilizations knowing or unknowingly. They are so tired but have been helping until the 'lower' race is set free or there is energy resolution. There are many things happening on Earth right now, and being helped by some who wronged us is one of them as well, so we shouldn't worship extraterrestrials.

We are supposed to guide and nurture those who are less aware, not take advantage of them.

I have also seen traumatized Animal Souls who then incarnated as HUman and are so fragmented that they became violent or cause issues in society. In that way, the cycle continues with the victim becoming the aggressor until we have this mess.

If we are going to consider a hierarchy by which Animals should be sacrificed because they are ‘less intelligent’, then Pigs are smarter than Dogs and Cats. From that excuse/paradigm, they should be treated better. All arguments defending slavery and death do not makes sense.

Some people find abhorrent that some eat Dogs and Cats in South Korea and China but there is absolutely no difference compared to what others do to Cows and Pigs in other countries. We can see how most HUmans are compartmentalized and stuck in paradigms.

Some non-evolved alien races also think we have no rights while there are others who want us to be free to evolve on our own. Some even think it is ok to eat, enslave or steal our energy because we kill each other. Just because some out there think we are unworthy, it doesn't mean it is true.

Before making Animals go through anything, let’s put ourselves in their places because what we do to others will be done to us. Always.

Advanced extraterrestrial civilizations are not free because of their technology so they can defend themselves. Their planets and realms are safe because of the way they are and live like. Our vibration is our safety. Do no harm and in time (when all is cleared and consciously learned) no harm will be done to you.

I’ve known a person who was a traumatized and tortured dairy cow in their first incarnation on the planet. You have no idea how heartbreakingly fearful, confused and fragmented this person is now.

I’ve been mindful to undo any harm I caused since I was little because I’ve been subconsciously trying to untie myself from Earth and clear any karma.

It is my last lifetime here if I want. Many know about how we create unhealthy and vampiric cords with other people but don't know that we do the same with All Life. Harming other Souls - no matter what body they are experiencing from - takes away our Light. There are generally two directions we can go to: doing, being, intending, choosing and practing what is Light generating or not.
The parasites/dark/demons didn't lower their frequency overnight. They achieved their fragmented state of unberable suffering and hate due to choices, by allowing themselves to be led by others, imposing their will onto others and other actions against the Law and Flow.

It’s been a healing journey ever since and my intention has been to leave all I know for those who want to reach peace, self-Love and full alignment with Source by themselves.

Love, FREEdom and Peace.
So Be It.

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