The 11/11 Portal and INspiration from the Hawk and Sparrow Collectives

Hawks have been crying in the sky around this city and it showed me they bring a message I must listen to. 

I NEVER heard them before. They are not from this region but have been passing by. 
And funny enough, when I took notice, they immediately moved further away.
Update: They are no longer here. Amazing. They were crying here for days and when I finally listened, their mission was done and they moved away. Everything in the Universe is always talking to us.

Even though a Mercury retrograde is hard, we are invited to keep the focus within. I see some people want to dissociate, distract themselves or run from the pain or pattern but that will only keep the blockage in place. We make them evaporate through the fire of our awareness. We shine the Light, look and become aware of them and only then the energy pattern starts to move up and out of our field. When you look at your shadow, so does Source for we are One.

We may heed this invitation for healing and evolution. Or we may ignore it and have some hard work to do a few hundred years from now. The issues will snowball, however. That's how a little fear grows into a phobia, or unfinished grief becomes a depression or leads to suicide.

There are problems I couldn't solve or find the root of in previous lives and it took me decades in this one to bring them to Light. I didn't know how to heal them then. Now things are easier, we have the information, people are sharing more authentically and INspiring each other and with the collective healing of our self-worth, we are trusting more in our innate Wisdom.

It is also a good time to go within as in this dark space a Mercury retrograde provides, we may receive information and perspectives that were not available before. Planet Beings don't do our inner work for us but they are helpful if we quit artificial time and go with the flow.

In preparation for the 11/11 portal, we seem to have 'down' periods where we don't feel the blissful and peaceful states. These moments are inviting us to 'scrape the bottom of the pan' for the last debris. We don't feel our best because in the darkness we can see what else is left to be witnessed and Lightened-up into transmutation. We are being reborn yet again throughout these Ascending decades.

Sparrow birds have also been right in my front windows from where the Light first shines in the morning. I used to be honored by their visit when it was warming up in the Spring or Summer, not as the weather cools down in Autumn. Many have noticed by now that the weather and our very planet changed and we can't predict some things anymore. 
The sparrows came to tell me that flow, freedom and the New is here. 
We are invited to let go of our old schedules, thought forms and habits that are out of alignment. Animals are trying to tell us things. 

Source is swooping through us and everything is being transformed. Anything out of alignment is being seen and low vibration is being transmuted on an individual, global and universal level.

Many of us are shifting paths and missions. More than ever, we only know the next step. When we live from moment to moment, there is no fear, which happens when we project our consciousness ahead.
Even my eating is having to be shifted again. 
What changes have been happening within you?

I've realized recently that Animals, in general, are no longer coming to this house traumatized or asking for help, they are coming here to sing, dance and are the first stepping into New Earth. I am always open to support these Beings who remained true and uncorrupted, but I don't project pitty or feel sorry for them as I healed these wounds within me and I am witnessing/living from higher timelines where they are happier. The number one thing that we can do for them, Mother Nature and to diminish trauma from the planet considerably is to evolve to Vegan, but from within our very core, we must emanate the trust that all is well so everything and everyone (HUmans, Animals and Gaia) be indeed that.

In this immense shift of the 11/11, let's unite in meditation, Divine creativity, movement, relaxation or song - in Heart or physically - as we embody the codes, shift from within and emanate all that to all Beings on Gaia.

The Heart-centered steering the Gaia ship has a date on the 11/11 at 11:11s on your own timezone. 

Love and Renewal to all!

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