Forerunner Blue Ray Activation ~ A Cosmic Journey

Lightworker Blue Ray activation - Sensitive Empaths and Starseeds

💎 The return of our forgotten parts

On the life-changing, reality and Self-shifting 11/11, my Heart suddenly expanded and I was being called to 'see' something in a multidimensional journey, and then bring it back to others.

In an empty portion of space (from my dimensional perspective, from another there might have been a portal there) a light blue ray shot suddenly against the dark background. It was a straight line going directly to Earth, although our planet was 'behind' where my Consciousness was stationary.

While I was exploring and trying to understand what this was all about I was reminded of my first Earth life in Ethiopia. I came in 'too strong' with too much Light or with too much of Me and literally dried my Earthly body out. I died of dehydration in 2 years no matter what my father at the time did to help me as the problem was not only a lack of nutrients and water.
'My' Spiritual Support 'team' and I understood that a lot should be left 'behind' for Consciousness to be able to live and function on an Earthly body.
That was old Earth and the energies have risen infinitely ever since, however. That's why it is possible for the Crystal and all sorts of New Ray Children to be here now. And why things are getting better for the Heart-based.

We have the impression 'down here' that Light Beings and the Galactic Family have everything figured out but from that consciousness level, we still do mistakes and our plans do fail. 
Source is looking to experience, not perfection, otherwise, It wouldn't have been separated into countless perspectives.

The idea that other Beings are omnipotent and better than us makes Humans wait for outside salvation, opening themselves up to parasitism and take over.

When we trust in our own selves and the Source within above all, we keep our energy where it belongs and do not send it out there to feed entities and entire systems.

Lightworker Forerunner and Blue Rays are those who have done the transmuting, clearing or battling the parasites/dark with their Light, pain and tears. The mission got tougher in 1998 but since 2011 or so, it has been increasingly Peaceful due to the change of an Era, Creation and Energies.

This is, of course, a summary because to describe what a Forerunner life has been, how different and more painful than anyone else's would make a book of a thousand pages. 

I didn't know about the great portion of ourselves was left behind still but immediately received this activation or return of my parts. Many others will receive this too if they wish or if they are ready and healed until a certain point where they mostly live in Divine Neutrality, our natural state.
The return of Knowledge, memories and multidimensional perspectives while still dealing with trauma would be, well... traumatizing.

It seems we left much of ourselves behind and it was kept 'there' until now.

This activation has been beneficial to me. You may receive this and even refuse it if it becomes too much, like a trial period (I am feel Source 'telling' me as I type this).

Declare to Source, your higher levels and Spiritual Support that you will receive Now all that is in your highest good and that it will integrate in the most harmonious way.
I encourage everyone to step into their own power (using their own Heartfelt tones and feelings), but if a declaration is helpful, try this:

Source and my Spiritual Support,

I am ready to receive Now all that is in my highest good. Please bring me it in the most harmonious way and support me in my integration.
(We always need to ask for help as they usually don't intervene)
Divine Will Be Done.
So Be It.

Or you can say all of that just with a High Heart feeling - an instant permission given to the Universe.
Open the space and time to receive it by breathing into this energy.

It may take time for you to feel all that is arriving. Your 'portion' may contain memories, gifts and what can empower you, for Self and Mission. Always take care of yourself first, however. 
As Lightworkers, I am sure we all fell into enabling, saving and rescuing others. That mission is over as of this year.  

We are letting those who are not taking responsibility for themselves go. Now, we are here for the next phase, to help those who are pure of Heart but may be lost. 

We are the Sun - a beacon - just shining quietly as those who we are meant to support will find us more easily.

We are battered and must become whole again to enjoy the New Earth Gaia 🌏 ~

I realized that part of 'The Void' I felt since I was born was due to this (and other root causes) and I have been feeling more whole and complete ever since the activation.

May All Be Healed and returned into alignment!

Thank you to all Ascension Forerunners and Blue Rays for your Divine Service to the Planet. 
You made all the difference in the world by opening your unique pathways in the many different missions.

I honor and see you.

Love and gratitude!

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