Energy Update

A lot has been released recently due to incredible - and sometimes painful - inner work and outer energies.
The new is entering and activating, causing feelings of unrest sometimes. It may mean we must be still instead of busying ourselves with distractions.
The ego sometimes plays tricks on us as it wants to survive all this and try to distract us from inner work that will bring us more into the Heart. When we fully occupy are Hearts, we become One With Source.

Asking quality questions, digging the root cause to shine the Light on whatever patterns we still carry (shame, fears, etc) makes the work faster and easier. These low vibrational blocks are amplified as the energies are so high and repressing them with distractions, substances or venting it on others may cause great pain to oneself.
No stone is being left unturn indeed, in this end time.

The new is here but we are not completely 'there' yet, so there are also floating or empty sensations that may bring anxiety but it's mostly because we physically never been here before.

I felt this walking on uncharted territory recently when I couldn't get up, slept a lot and the body kept feeling anxious because I felt myself floating. It was so intense that it took me days to realize it was because we reached a region that we never walked upon before.

In the end, it is wonderful but haven't we been programmed to feel fear of the unknown instead of curious?

Maybe that's why so much inner child work was necessary years ago. We didn't know we were going on an adventure in 2016 ~ 2020 and that the trip would get more surreal every few months and in this final phase, every few days have new incoming energy. Some of the activations are blissful, others expand the Heart even more while some energies bring the new but trigger instant cleansing, so it may be painful, at first.

Check with yourself as your unique inner guidance is a priority.

Recently, I was shown that a new ray of Creation was to stream through this Universe - which may change everything as some sort of portal was opened in our Universe. A flower of light flash was coming through it. It had violet, blue, green and a beautiful light orange as the 'petals' in between the white light.

More darkness (parasitic entities, diseased system seeds and lost energy) has surrendered or reached the point of no redemption as well.

More to come.

Everything is working out for our Highest Good and we are Loved eternally.

Love and Honor,

💖 Your mutual support for this work is appreciated.

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