Emotional clearing, purging and balance

On this blog, when I talk about 'purging' I mean the lower energies that get stuck in our fields, cells, core, DNA, subconscious, emotional, mental and physical bodies that prevent energy flow.
Slowly, over the years, I tracked all the root causes of my now healed depression, anxiety, panic, terror, 'The Void' (my greatest pain), toxic shame and where I was vulnerable to control or to interdimensional entity influences.

Once you look within, nothing can remain hidden. We must each be our own Masters and Gurus, knowing ourselves 'inside and out'. Nothing out there is more important than the Universe within.
Once we know ourselves as the point of reference, we start to understand situations, other people, 'read'/feel energies and the many systems such as 'health', educational, religious cults and all. Some people may not have been born with sensitivity as the Human DNA was switched off, but by occupying our Hearts or living from it consistently, we activate everything we need. No matter how many times the system tried to break It.

There is a common thread in every sparkle of Source and by knowing the only one we have the right to interfere with - our own - we can understand other Beings and worlds out there.
To have emotional flow, we need to heal ourselves first. After this balance is achieved, we will finally reach Divine Neutrality where the world out there does not influences us much. It is not coldness but detachment and that's why Angels and the enlightened do not intervene in our reality. They Love us so much that they allow us our unique experience.

True Love does not spoil, overprotect or overpower another Soul's free will to just be (Animal, HUman and more). It frees, supports when asked and rejoices in the Beloved's existence.
To heal lower stuck energies, stay with them. Be the witness, not a personality. Archetypes, masks and whatever society made you to become are consciousness traps. Don't see your self through any role and go back to the neutral Heart. It is your connection to Source. Only then you will find the Truth.

Don't attach a story to the pain, just be the transmuter. Energy needs to be witnessed to be moved, so just look within and stay with the pain, trauma, flashbacks, resentment or whatever is rotting inside the Heart and it will be released.

It will become easier and easier over time as you remember that you are just going through another process. Another purging.
If it helps, I personally lay on my side in the fetal position and hug my stuffed bunny, just allowing whatever is coming up to leave my system. Sometimes, I prefer to lay on my back and put my hand over the High Heart and breathe.

Relax however you like and focus on your Heart and stay with yourself fully.
The fetal position it's because I've never been nurtured, so I started giving myself that years ago.
Now, I don't need nurturing anymore.
I rejoice and am grateful when I am given this gift, but I am no longer needy about it.
I used to have flashbacks and be triggered when amongst a harmonious family or reading about a nice one, like The Weasleys in the Harry Potter books. That is not something to be avoided but a clear issue that needs to be looked at. The cause came from me being unwanted and having a traumatic childhood, so when I saw happy families I would become weepy, instantly depressed or hurt. An emotional reaction only shows there is an energetic block. It is not the world that needs to stop the triggers but we ourselves must be courageous and take responsibility to look at our blocks.

Keep tracking the root cause. Don't cut the branches, just go for the seed. No need to waste energy and get distracted by the branches, they are the problems that came from an original cause.
Nowadays and after decades of healing, I am my own family, my best friend, cheerleader, guardian and so on. No one out there owes us or should be giving us what we need. It is not fair or natural. HUmans are sovereign.

Give yourself everything that you need without expecting others to do it for you.

Relaxing music, constantly stopping to breathe and come back to the Now, time for yourself everyday, healthy self-care, exercise and high vibration - Vegan food helps. Even if it's emotional, we must think holistically. You will never purge lower energies and raise your vibration if you keep eating Animal trauma.

Purgings can be about resentments. It is okay to not forgive someone all at once. Sometimes, what they did had many energetic layers and it will take time to get them out. You are always right to feel disrespected, don't dissociate from that or your self-esteem will take a hit.
You are not a bad person for feeling resentment. The root cause is usually the pain of having been violated. Even if it was not violent, we can feel energetically, emotionally or mentally violated when others impose their will or disrespect our energy field space.
It is actually good that you sided with yourself because I used to be so traumatized that I thought the abuser was right.
You are not 'unevolved' because you feel anger. And you are not unworthy because you made mistakes.
Don't be ashamed of whatever you are feeling as it is there for a reason. It is usually - a purging. It is a lower emotion that is just evaporating out of your system. In the past, you blocked it somehow and it festered. That's why energy flow is important.
If we were taught to look within and do self-clearing everyday in 'schools' we wouldn't be like that as adults. That's why so many people become bitter as they age. There are too many blocks and unfelt emotions. When I volunteered for some elderly ladies, their nursing home was one of the saddest places I've been to. I could feel decades of their 'stuff' and I was there as a transmuter as well as to learn about what is going on.

If we block uncomfortable feelings, the ones that feel 'good' will get stuck too. One of the energetic root causes of depression is the unhealthy attempt to be 'positive' while ignoring what we really feel. Every time we don't respect ourselves to allow authentic expression, our self-worth and self-esteem take a hit.

By forcing happiness and excitement we swing into its opposite polarity of depression and despair. Divine Neutrality is the goal, not being happy or sad, positive or negative, excited or in despair. After the 'thick' blockages are purged, you will initially find that you won't be swinging so much anymore as you become more aligned with Source. Great Spirit is always moving all Creation towards Harmony and Peace, if we just return to flow and choose it.

When we were children, throughout our day we laughed, cried, contemplated and were curious about things. We had energy flow. We are inhabiting FEELing bodies and we are SENTIENT beings. We will feel things no matter what.

There are Beings in worlds out there whose makeup is not wired to feel so much. They are not good at manifesting, neither they are as creative as we are either. In Divine Timing, we may incarnate in such worlds if we get tired of feeling so much ^_^

As the new energies with their codes enter the planet and as darkness is removed, healing is becoming much easier than it was years ago. Trust that you'll find the free tools and that everything you need is within.

The Ascending HUmanity is moving from a parasitic system and a traumatized society where we pay for every drop of water into a blissful one where we are sovereign and free. Even monopoly money will go away in a Loving/5D society. We must heal ourselves, be Loving and harmless to resonate with a benevolent world.

By focusing your energy (attention) on you, you will keep your Light where it should be instead of projecting out there and becoming drained of life force in the process.

Healing ourselves and becoming balanced, Divine HUman Beings is the greatest gift you can give yourself, All Life and the entire Omniverse.
Love and Balance, So Be It!

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