Cosmic Story - Golden Unity

Cosmic Story - Golden Unity - Lightworkers and Starseed Empaths

After 2 hours of meditation or so, my consciousness was suddenly on a different planet. The sky wasn't quite blue like ours and it had a violet hue to it as well. There were also two suns in the sky, one greater than another. At first glance, it could almost have been Earth as it was very similar.

Habitation was built on top of very high mountains although nowhere could I see the sea or water to explain that choice. Suddenly, I just know that there had been water and seas before but no longer. The liquid Light in form varies on different planets as they are not copies of Earth. Even the air they breathe in other planets is sometimes different from ours.

What caught my attention was this settlement on a mountain. The entire village was golden and extremely beautiful. They were harmonious people who have been through a lot.

I usually see the visions and learn all that is needed during the journey but this time, it was over quickly and then a few days passed. I was awoken at 4:44 am days later, and this Cosmic Journey ended in a 'dream'.
I was woken up on purpose as I've been asking to remember my dreams for a long time.

From the outside of the planet in the 'dream', I saw lights spreading all over their globe and in time, diminishing and gathering in smaller areas.

We also do this. As young Souls we want to spread our wings, tasting everything without minding others around us. As Souls get older, they become one with everything and are concerned about All That Is around them.

They were older than us. Like Humans, they had conquered and expanded upon their planet, experiencing much for their growth. Finally, they returned to the simple things, moving their focus inwards and towards each other, just like old civilizations and souls do.

I understood that as it is on the outside, so it happens within us. Our Souls go on a journey exploring, wanting to be or have more and then we mature, get tired and return our Consciousness inwards, wanting to evolve.
That is why when we 'Know Thyself' we can read or have a great understanding of everyone and everything outside of us.

Love and Alignment With Source  ~


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