Aquatic Beings Meditation ~ Multidimensional Holistic Alignment For Empaths

Aquatic Beings Meditation ~ Multidimensional Holistic Alignment For Empaths - Lightworkers, Starseeds and Ascension to 5D

Our inner work and incoming energies done a lot and amazing shifts are happening frequently now. Even before meditation, I started having glimpses of this bubble city, its people and that was a first.

I felt these loving and grinning Beings wanting to connect to share with Empathic HUmanity their healed and balanced energies.

Water-Beings are one of the most sensitive in this Universe - just like Dolphins and Whales (who are people) - and this beautiful civilization has found balance while being extremely empathic.
They are a bit more advanced than us - never better, there is no hierarchy in the true organic Universe - and know of our situation here.

They were sleek, muscled and tall. There were two types: the blue and the green people. Their foreheads were much larger and rounder than ours and they had tentacle looking things coming from behind their heads, like hair but not quite. They had arms and legs similar to ours but I didn't see in much detail as I was mesmerized by where they lived and how much they grinned.

Their eyes were black and almond-shaped, emanating warmth and care.
When a visitor's consciousness arrive to benefit from their enchanted city, they observe and hold space, wishing that Soul well. Observing without saving, interfering or giving unrequired advice is the way of healed and advanced people, I've been noticing.

They pray for us and want to help the Empathic Volunteers, who have a very different energy from Earthlings and suffered much throughout their lives as they have open Hearts and much Love in a world that lacks in It. This is changing now, as is Gaia.

Such Love can make us have very triggering auras for others who are lost in their wounds or fears.
We must learn how to drop what is not ours and send it back to Source for transmutation.

My meditations are for those who have been visualizing/imagining all their lives. If you have any difficulties, pause the audio when needed. There is no need to imagine anything in detail, you can just feel the energies. Imagination (Higher Intelligence) needs to be practiced and we get better in time with diligence.

You may return to the meditation as many times as you'd like. This is suggested when you feel anxiety and fear.

As with all wise and old Souls, this Aquatic Civilization goes to the root cause of the 'problem'.

If you'd like, ask that Source and your Spiritual Support be with you, protect and assist in this journey if you wish.
There is no need to say a big prayer, just a genuine Heart feeling is more than enough.

Love and Blessings ~


I hope this therapy was helpful and I am grateful for any support to keep me going.

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