The Division and goodbye dreams

Higher Self embodiment stepped up in intensity for me since October 2018 and the surreal experiences only increased. Since December, I have been collapsing timelines and saying good-bye to many people I knew in this life. 

I have also been visiting other countries and been helping people, teaching or learning from walking Masters or having real dreams that are resolving any debris of fear and lower emotions.

Sometimes I wake up tired from these 'dreams' because I worked or traveled in other realms. At other times I have encountered people's Souls where we are usually more authentic than we would have been here in the physical plane.
At the beginning of the year, I took a long vacation from this exhausting reality and came back renewed.

In one of these 'dreams', I was leaving a tiny cabin and then I froze when I saw an ex-boyfriend I haven't had contact in more than 20 years, sitting dejectedly. He attacked me with black magic in 1998 (when physical Ascension started) but what he ordered for me never came true.
On my left, there was a woman who I felt is a Lightworker in this reality. There are instant 'Knowings' in higher realms where telepathy, empathy and instant energy exchange is the common communication method.
I hoped I could step back to the cabin and not deal with him.
I was right in front of him when I opened the door so I decided I wouldn't back down. If he dared to talk to me then I would have shut the door on his face as he has been stalking me in dreams all these years.
The woman was talking and listening to him but was aware of me. She also knew I didn't wish to talk to him and pretended no one was around. They continued to speak and I suddenly knew he couldn't see me.
In this physical reality, she is an ethical and good person who has a high vibration. In the higher realms, she began to be a Guide to those in a lower vibration like some of the Ascending people are doing. With his jealousy and revengeful heart, his frequency is very low. He is disturbed and unhappy nowadays, I could feel. He is into alcohol too, in this physical realm.

As my surprise diminished, my 'Knowing' expanded and I knew that was the last time I was going to see him and I was there because he has been wanting to talk to me for a while. I would never give that chance to one of the lowest types of Human beings I've met. His wish was granted not for his benefit but so this blockage could be transmuted. I was pulled into the lower dimensions to be there to witness this once difficult story for the last time. It was freeing. I've been called to witness things on many dimensional levels before and they are never pretty things because I used to be a Lightwarrior. It was traumatizing but I could handle them, at the same time.

When my overall vibration was low, this guy would appear in my dreams. I never descended to his level by revenging myself, hating him or losing my Heart so he could never truly hook on to me energetically.
I was also seeing this to understand how drained and powerless the dark - low-frequency people, interdimensional entities, their systems (anti-Love businesses, religious cults, 'health' 'care', 'leaders', etc) and fear matrix are. He was hunched - having no idea I was there as he was a very proud person - and depressed.
When I am called as a witness, it is never about the situation or the people involved alone but I am shown a little pattern that is happening on a grand scale. My ex-mom and this guy were implanted by the dark to try to take me down. I call them Empath handlers and there is a post about them on this blog. I know that whatever happens to them is something all the low-frequency are going through.
As I haven't checked what they are up to, do not think of them with any emotional charge or see what they do - even online - I do not recreate any energetic cords with them. This was shown to me in higher realms where I can navigate better than the physical one.

In another dream, two extremely cruel and arrogant relatives (my ex mom's twin sister and her daughter) apologized to me in 'dream' time and I was very surprised. I accepted and felt Love flowing between us again but then they asked me to reconnect in the physical world and I told them it wasn't possible. 
Since I was little, my Light triggered them, especially this cousin - who was already a narcissist. She always had a one-sided competition due to jealousy, even though I let her win all the time. 
It was wonderful to finally be acknowledged and valued. To see the miracle of two ego-based people beginning to hear the stirrings of the Heart. 

After that, I had an interesting dream with my family. My ex-narcissistic mom and psychopathic brother have a very low vibration. My father has a higher frequency but not by much. I know he likes me but after cutting me off of his life 3 times I realized I shouldn't chase after him anymore if he prefers to believe in my ex-mom's lies. As the splitting of timelines continues, he wanted to talk to me before we are unable to meet again.

We were in a metaphorical mall. I was up on the 7th floor while he was in the 2nd. Maybe there were others there with me but I didn't immediately see other people on that level. The second floor sounded very busy and full of people. I could 'see' that their floor was full of stores with products for sale and chaotic as old Earth was. On my level, there were lots of vacated stores and dark corners, yet to be occupied. There is no materialism in New Earth.

He was calling me and the connection was terrible. My ex-mom and brother wanted to talk to me too but they didn't pick up the phone showing they couldn't reach my frequency level. I also didn't want to connect with them and my will have been interfered with in the fear matrix for decades but such things do not happen 'up there' in the true Organic Universe.
And higher or lower frequency has nothing to do with someone being better than another. It is just energy but it never lies. Some occupy certain energetic levels while others are on another, just like some people work on the 10th floor while others of the same talent, salary and profession have their offices on the 2nd floor. We are One and Source Loves All equally.

Our frequency mismatch was so great I could barely hear him. I was trying to go down to his level but couldn't. I tried getting downstairs but elevators and escalators were out of order. The stairs were dark and I almost stumbled and it took me to deserted areas. The Split already occurred in the causal realms (the dream occurred at the beginning of 2019).
We are not seeing each other on the planet or in higher realms anymore. There was forgiveness and a friendly good-bye. He needed to hear I was fine with what he has done. I wanted him to be at peace as he went through all that trouble to look for me. I assured him that I love and forgive him and felt a rush of his guilt and then relief. The call was cut before we could say more.
He belongs with them - however - as he made that choice many times and I've always been the 'black sheep' of the family. And my Soul is not from Earth so I rarely found deep and Spiritual Family connections here. He also wanted to reconnect in the physical realm but I know that in time, he will cut me off again. Many in my family can't stand my energy for long. 

I've also made my peace with two friends I lost, who are also Starseeds where I come from and there is a strong feeling we are about to go somewhere. I was talking about leaving with this Twin Brother I have but I am barred from remembering because it doesn't serve my immediate Earth life. 
They were Empaths but very wounded so we hurt each other a bit in the past and I was too traumatized to deal with it back in 2009. So I let this Twin Brother (who would get very critical sometimes) go. The other would get extremely judgmental from time to time when used by the dark but he disappeared on his own. I've always preferred to look into myself instead of fixing others but there is another type of control over some males and it's harder for some of them to wake up and spiritualize themselves. 
I was very disappointed with Humanity at the time, but to find that good, Heart-based people who haven't healed themselves also get triggered and nasty was so painful it ultimately made me go into Hermit mode, finally. On a higher level, I know that these two friends did those things 'on purpose' for my benefit. I needed to get out of the lower timelines but couldn't leave people behind. I needed my solitude because once everything I learned in a sick society faded away, I would just remember how to self-heal. 

We all went into our caves to prepare for the final stages of Ascension and solitude was the most important thing.
In the higher realms, I met both of them separately and we made our peace. It seems one of them is about to wake up and the other is at that phase when one realizes not all is right with this world but is still checking for information outside of themselves. I've been there too, there is no judgment. We can't rush processes and everyone is where they should and choose to be.

Now, the makeup of the planet Itself is supporting the Heart-based while everything else crumbles, finally! 
Things are slowly getting easier for Empaths as polarity integrates and miscreations are cleared.

Have Hope.

We are not losing people, we are only letting go of those who we don't resonate with or do not respect us. Slowly but surely, the 'Wounded Lightworker quarantine' is ending and we may find those who truly vibrate the same as we do. To have Heart connections is a normal and expected occurrence in the Organic Universe but things have been artificially tampered with on Earth so unbalanced matches would be made. 
You may have noticed how many givers are paired with takers, peaceful people with abusive ones and there was always hierarchy amongst families, work and all kinds of relations. 

See Even Lorgen's authentic and courageous work to understand more what went on the relationship levels on this planet. I think she covered the romantic ones but this went on with all kinds of relations. We were not fully attracting or responsible for the people in our lives, some were sent to intervene with our awakening and healing. This planet was not free for thousands of years.

Relationships take two and the minimal level of respect should always be expected. It is your Divine Right.

FREEdom to HUmanity and All.
Declare it out loud with your Heart and it will be so. 

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