Mercury retrograde - Purging and review

Reality bending, confusing and sometimes painful, we can take this Cosmic Support (yes, it is not a curse or something to be avoided) to look into the last layers of any patterns, wounds, harmful thought forms and stale energies.
This phase is like bitter medicine, good for us but tastes bad.
It may even give the impression we are under attack but breathe and center yourself, as much as possible. During this phase, it is usually, our own baggage. 

When we witness our Inner Universe (the only one we can interfere with), we shine the Light for it is Pure Source who is looking within. 
Then comes the feeling. After looking at 'our stuff' then we feel them deeply and they will be released. That is why the fear matrix (of old Earth and not too prevalent in the reality of the Ascending) encouraged us to distract and numb ourselves, so we wouldn't heal. 
When we heal and take responsibility, our vibration shoots through the roof. 
The parasites feed upon someone else's energy such as from other HUmans, Beings or Animals and so those who were (in the past and weakening) in control of the planet were trying to keep a hold of us to take as many Souls as they can with them as the Split/Bifurcation continues. 

For entrance into a benevolent world, we must be harmless and we are being invited to look at any inner violence we may still carry within and in our habits that may infringe upon ALL Souls' Divine Right to Be and Exist Unharmed. This is a Universal Law very few know or follow on Earth and when not practiced, it makes us lose our Light and the consequences go way beyond one lifetime, although there is no judgment. 
More than ever, Source sounds the last calls for HUmanity to choose Love, harmlessness, Compassion, Kindness, Integrity, Courage and all Christed Spiritual Values.

At this time, try to not take what others are saying, doing or acting like too personally for the retrograde influences everything as we ourselves may feel burdened, not our best or out of character as well. 

This is also a time where signs from the outside almost cease as we are encouraged to keep the focus within.

It is up to each one of us to interact with the other rearranging Universes (other people who are also going through this) or go into 'the cave' until November 20.
It won't feel like it did even a year ago as the Ascending have noticed by now how much time sped up. Before we know it, it will be over and we'll be in December - renewed and Lighter.
This is, of course, supporting and preparing us for the next huge gateway of 11/11.
We can only see it clearly in hindsight but these shifts are all perfectly Divinely designed for the Highest Good of All, even the parasites/dark.

Forerunners doing this since 1998

Retrogrades and shifts feel longer for Forerunners because we feel them before they arrive physically and days after it went away, so let's be kind to ourselves. 
More is asked of Ancient Souls who know the way because they may have volunteered to guide and teach, although we go through many roles throughout our lives and shouldn't restrict ourselves. Creativity is more important than figuring things out if it will restrict us into labels, schedules and hard work. We've done the separation. Now we move into Unity, flow and a slow pace (which is different for each one of us).

Let's not judge ourselves on days we have to be in bed for 2 hours due to body aches and last emotional purgings or whatever is needed as we are the ones who opened doorways because HUmanity couldn't do it on their own. 
We are so revered by the Light Beings and our Star Families! 
Take that in and feel the Truth in it. Honor yourself. 

If you have been beaten by the fear matrix and believed you were not worthy at some point, allow me to remind us all that we transmuted and battled the darkness out of here while being kind to everyone around us, going through constant trauma with no support, only to have others misunderstanding us, even new waves of Starseeds. It has been the loneliest type of mission and we still don't have a lot of support. We must soothe and nurture ourselves from within more than ever. 

The further back we go, the harder it was for Lightworkers. Even though I had the deepest understanding and reverence for my Lightworker ancestors it was hard to believe initially what my Aunt went through in her clearing mission and how even worse it was for my Grandfather. For the Pure of Heart, it is difficult to believe how ugly things were on Earth.

We had the worst mission, transmuting all through our own bodies and tears. That's why time in the cave, to rest and hide has been given to us since 2009 or so for us to lick our wounds and shift missions. 

Nature and Animals are always showing us the way for they have not been corrupted like many HUmans. 

Until not long ago, rest was difficult if not impossible for brave Light Beings who volunteered to be here. Both my Grandfather and Aunt died young and many people believe that good people die early. That is no longer the case but it was a very hard place for the Heart-based to live in. 

There is no more doing, fellow Forerunner. Relax and just be the Light. 
I am so thankful to You.

2019 has been a year to close all cycles, review and constant shifts transforming us into whole New Beings while still in the same bodies. Walking as the Higher and Lower Self frequently and merging like never before. 

Blessings Dearest and you are NEVER, EVER alone!

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