Empath Handlers

I observed what I am going to share by coming full circle myself and by witnessing other Empaths going through this. My consciousness expanded since I first wrote this so I am updating it and hoping it will be helpful.

If we all came out with our painful, paranormal or ‘shameful’ experiences, we wouldn’t have had entities and an entitled ‘elite’ trying to control us through shame and fears.

Slowly shine the Light on your shame and you’ll soon be free, even if you are the only one who looks at it.

And the old system and paradigm are crumbling for those who have the eyes (high-frequency) to see; those who are Ascending and no longer give consent or energy to the fear matrix.

When looking from a higher level (our destiny and evolution), abusive people can be a catalyst or a lesson for our evolution. They might push us to become more than we would have on our own.

Having someone stripping me of self-love, worthiness and confidence made me make self-care and worth a priority.
No matter how much in love I thought I was with a boyfriend or how much I loved a friend, when I realized I wasn’t being treated fairly I always left without looking back and with no regrets. It didn’t matter if I was going to be alone.
When I was 13, I looked around and saw no good example of what self-esteem meant. I realized I didn’t love myself enough and was very insecure. I had already achieved one dream in life and found courage, so I went in the pursuit of the next: to Love myself. My dreams were always of the eternal type and not the illusionary or of the material type.

When I see a pattern, such as what often happens to Empaths I learned that Source is showing me something because I incarnated here able to connect the multidimensional dots to find root causes of things.

From the moment I incarnated in this life until I was 21, I had three Empath Handlers. My narcissistic ex-mom and childhood ‘best-friend’, as well as my psychopathic brother. I was constantly surrounded by these three and felt drained and threatened. What I had to say or what I wanted didn’t matter to them.
My ex-mom and brother were extremely abusive when I was alone with them, which was all day long. My father was only home in the evening and didn’t care much, although he didn’t hate or abuse me he finally became brainwashed by my ex-mom’s lies.

I cut the ‘best-friend’ out of my life when I was 21 after I pointed out where she was crossing the line. She would assure me she was going to change but didn't even tone it down. Nowadays, I wouldn’t even have bothered.
Parasitic (abusive, intimidating or overpowering) people will usually lifetimes to change. I’ve seen what awaits the dark and it’s not pretty.

Now that I am healed I have no idea why I endured these people who are not even my Soul family, neither we had anything in common. I was always the black sheep of the family because I wasn’t racist, ambitious, fearful or low-frequency as many of my relatives are.

There are handlers who come and go.

I started to feel the Christ Consciousness when I was 16 when I started dating a guy who attacked me with black magic when we broke up.
That sabotaged the quick rate I was self-healing. What the dark didn’t realize is that these traps make Lightworkers stronger, backfiring on the fear matrix/the old system.

I am not unique, many get attacked when they are about to expand in consciousness either by their own shadow coming out, interdimensional entities and incarnated low vibration people who want to hinder Ascension. There is also the collective emotional garbage that flies around and comes from unconscious people who do not take responsibility for their consciousness and energy.
Once we figure out how it all works (by 'Knowing Thyself' first), it is predictable. We only fear what we can’t understand. Don’t be afraid of narcissists, sociopaths, etc, parasites need Heart-centered people to get their energy from. It is them who needs us, not the other way around. If you are a benevolent and harmless person, you are powerful. The whole Universe is backing you up.

We must continue to fill ourselves with pure Source Light, heal inner blockages, harm no Living Beings and live from the Heart to raise our vibration as we slowly get out of their reach or dodge them.
When we still can’t raise our selves up it has nothing to do with the misinformation in the law of attraction that says that we create or attract a 100% of what’s in our reality. People and entities’ agendas do influence us, as well as energies and the collective until we've done enough healing.

Once we figure narcissists, psychopaths or sociopaths around us, the red flags are predictable and we can just block them access to us, no matter if they are family. Relationships take two, people need a reasonable amount of respect to be allowed in our lives.
You are not cold, unforgiving or a bad person to cut leeches out of your life. They are in the wrong for not evolving themselves and generating their own Light and life force from within.
No Being was created to feed another, not even Animals.

Handlers are usually critical, judgmental, they triangulate, gaslight, abuse, create drama, blame the one being attacked and create false rumors around us. Their attacks escalate when we are about to have breakthroughs, develop a high vibration relationship that is important for our healing or mission, when we are about to figure something important or there is new incoming Source Energy Light about to enter the planet.

If you have the savior, martyr, sacrificial, victim, hero or the many archetype role/consciousness traps, then you might go back to them. If you are the victim type, you might be afraid their abuse will escalate, even though it would have been safer if you just cut them out.

I was about to run away from home for the first time when I was 17 but I was attacked so badly, shamed, blackmailed, guilty-tripped by my ex-mom, brother and at work that I lost the will to do it. The same interdimensional entities behind my family would poke people at work and random strangers too. It was difficult to not take these things personally as I was attacked with no provocation on my part. My sense of self and self-love took a huge hit for almost 3 decades.

If I had run away from home, I would have conserved a lot of life-force. I would have healed faster and would have understood my mission sooner.
As I stayed, the attacks escalated until it broke me for a while. I regretted not leaving for years, tracking back my depression, anxiety and panic attacks (now healed naturally through purging) to the root cause of not getting out of extreme abuse when I had the strength to do it.

When we become multidimensional though, we realize that nothing happens against us. By doubting myself and choosing to be a 'good girl', I stifled my Light. Since that regret, I started to trust my gut more and more, becoming deaf and blind to society until I finally reached freedom from the lower dimensions when I was almost 30. Looking back, every time I had premonitions and gut feelings and ignored them, there were terrible consequences. I was always right and we all have intuition, we just need to trust.

Entities help the physical handlers from behind the scenes, sometimes whispering things in your ear so you lose courage and they also give the handlers ideas on how to siphon energy or traumatize you more effectively.

There is a common misconception that to love is to enable. To turn the other cheek is misinformation added to the knowledge that influenced lots of good people. That is not what Yeshua meant with that quote.

If you have the savior complex, they might play the victim so you don’t leave. The truth is we are not responsible for anyone and every HUman is sovereign. There are many cases where we use our discernment to help others, but anything parasitic and co-dependent is abusive. You don’t need to save or heal anyone, it’s impossible. People who want to become better will observe your Heart-centered example even if you don’t say anything. They will try to be harmless and by being in that frequency persistently, they’ll create and gather what they need to heal. If you have to point out what they are doing that is hurting you and they even repeat it, they are laughing in your face and don’t ever plan on changing. You – yourself – will have to get out of their hell frequency. They have a choice to become harmless and better as well as you can choose freedom or something else.

As a teenager, I started noticing that every time I was about to go out, I was happy or something good happened, my ex-mom would attack me. I quickly figured she was jealous and started to tone my happiness and Light down. Then I started to do the same out there too as I was the target of jealousy many times. Years later, when I tracked back another root cause of my ‘depression’ I found it started when I stopped being me, little by little because my ex-mom and other girls were jealous. I went through a lot of fear and kept moving back and forth but nowadays I make no excuses to be who I AM.

When someone is jealous they need to work on their insecurities, fears or inferiority complex. Others don’t have to change to suit their fearful egos.
I descend from two Lightworker ancestors and both of them were used, abused, envied and died young. Their life-force was stolen. People just expected them to help.
At every generation, our cleaning up of my very dark bloodline helped them become Lighter.
Things were a bit easier for me and even more so for my Starseed cousin who is the next generation after me. He is the only one who was born from loving parents, had support and protection. My highly evolved Grandfather, Aunt and I were extremely used and abused by family, relatives and people in general. It’s clear to see how the bloodline changed at every generation now. It used to be so dark I have literal demons incarnated as relatives as they had the minimal frequency required to be able to enter old Earth.

Since the end of the old world in 2012, the very low-frequency people and entities (ghosts, souls) are almost malfunctioning. You might have seen the dark becoming even more aggressive, unbalanced or making less sense than they already did. Get away from them now.
I wrote a blog about witnessing the dark being taken out of here during dreamwork called: The dark leaving Gaia.

When I cut my childhood friend out, another lower-level narcissist was soon sent my way only four months later. She played the victim a lot but was much, much ‘kinder’ (pretended to be) than my ex-mom or ‘best-friend’, so for the next 5 years, I wasn’t sure if she was being abusive or not. I did feel bad when interacting with her, though. That's the sign to look for. It means there is no energy flow because there is a frequency mismatch. Our one-sided ‘friendship’ deteriorated so slowly I didn’t notice.

This new best-friend wasn’t there for me, made fun of me a lot, criticized me as if she was joking and then shamed me for complaining or questioning her, always implying I was boring for not knowing how to take a ‘joke’. I felt guilty for feeling hurt or angry if she was just being funny until it was very clear she meant every little ‘joke’. She envied me. People usually do that and that is not funny. It is an almost imperceptible level of abuse that is so common that it has been normalized. But I can feel energy with my eyes closed. The energy of need to feel superior, to hurt or parasitize on others is usually there when people ‘joke’ like that. And I know this because I don’t have fun at anyone’s expenses as I am not insecure. Learn to read energy by first trusting your gut.

A lot of attacks are masqueraded as good fun by manipulative cowards in this world. Their words, intention and all the energy behind certain ‘jokes’ are downright attacks and venting their trash onto other people because they don’t want to deal with it themselves.

The last narc in my life left when I was 36. Because of false societal beliefs, I couldn’t cut my ex-mom out until then. She and my ex-dad scammed me out of all my savings when I was 22 – when Source nudged me to let them go – but I kept enduring their abuse and sabotages because I felt sorry for them and believed family should stick together. I knew 99% of my family and relatives were not going to make it this time and it cut me deeply to even think about leaving them behind. I moved on when I had no other choice.

Now that I healed a lot, I don’t have any problem in expecting only respect and appreciation from people. It’s not arrogance but a Divine Right and natural expectation. If people can’t meet me where I am I Love them nonetheless but leave them to their right to be as they are.

On the other hand, Starseeds and Empaths are very protected in this world. We hear whispers and Soul urges trying to guide us but until we trust ourselves, we may get hurt for a long time. That’s why Starseeds were attacked relentlessly in their self-worth, so they don’t trust their intuition. The more you meditate and have time for yourself, the more you will strengthen yourself from within. When that happens what others think will not matter.

My ex-dad stopped talking to me 3 times, the last time he did it I just didn’t run after him anymore. He looked for me in the astral realms recently and all is well, but we won’t be seeing each other for an era as he lives in a lower frequency and I keep raising mine. Some people are Ascending and many of us are saying good-bye to those staying behind (they chose it).
He wanted my forgiveness and I said everything was fine, but I wasn't going to talk to him here in the physical realm because of the things he'd done and I know he'll do it again. They are each other’s Soul Family. I’ve always been the outsider and never belonged with my relatives. I often felt very ill during family gatherings and they often misunderstood me, like we spoke different languages, not to mention the never-ending battles. They love drama. I spent years trying to see what I was doing wrong to get them so angry at me.
It was my Light.
I understood them and tried to get along or at least be patient but was attacked by many of them. When I defended myself, one by one, they stopped talking to me. They are unforgiving and hateful and I’ve been happy since leaving the last of my relatives behind in 2006.
While low-frequency people remain in your life by contact, e-mails, chats or phone, you can’t raise yourself up. Being a good person is not to endure people and be their punching bags but to allow every Soul, Person or Animal to their Divine Right to be as they Will.

It wasn’t all in vain though. When that world ended in 2012, I heard in 2013 or so of two relatives who regret the way they treated me. One of them apologized in person, saying that no one ever cared, protected or even fought for her like I did when we were 13. It was a balm to my battered Heart and it made this trip to hell worth it if I could help 3 souls (out of dozens) to choose better. I’ll never allow them back however as they always got triggered by my energies.

Most of us had handlers throughout childhood so the matrix could break us, make us kill ourselves, leave us homeless or so traumatized that we wouldn’t accomplish our mission. I completely understand and empathize with Lightworkers who gave up. We all have limits and I myself was actually killing myself at 13 if it wasn't for a miracle intervention.

We often had two or three people around watching and sabotaging us because we are THAT powerful. A single person alone could never take a Lightworker down!

Don’t be afraid.

Process the pain if this happened to you, reflect on it, validate yourself and let it go at your own pace. You can’t switch off and overcome it overnight as you are not a robot. That’s a self-help myth to sell books and programs. Healing takes as long as it takes. The sentence ‘Get over it’ a very cold one. It comes from people who don’t care.
Healing come in spiraling layers and waves.

Good people needed to be aware that this happens. To know and keep quiet about what I and others went through is to be in consent with the abusive and manipulative tactics on this world. It is to propagate them. If you have a message, heal yourself with patience but consider speaking about what you Know in the future. You have a puzzle piece that no one else has. We were not meant to live in hierarchy but equality. Whatever you went through, there is no shame.

Some Lightworkers don’t say anything because it’s difficult to notice these things. Others want to get along with society and sort of sold out to the system, while others are so battered they don’t have the strength and it’s understandable.
I myself wasn’t going to get up anymore after repeated taking downs if it wasn’t for a spontaneous kundalini experience in 2016, when I was sort of taken out of body for 3 days and became One With Source. It healed me a lot, showed me why the heck my life was cursed and I had a little bit of life force borrowed for a while.

Lightworkers come with some gifts and they are all different. Each one of us is a piece of the puzzle and no one is better than another. We must stick together and begin to support those who INspire or help us in some way and forget the rest.

We recently came from paradisiac worlds with our Pure Hearts and can’t fathom anyone would do these things on purpose, it’s not that we are naive or stupid.
Love, respect and boundaries are the norm. Things are just messed up on this planet, that’s why there is so much help by incarnated ET Souls, there are Light Beings all around supporting us as the dark is being cleared to rehabilitate somewhere or go back to Source. The signs are all around and especially in people’s increasing kindness.
It’s getting better all the time. Not for the toxic people though.

When people come in big numbers we doubt ourselves because Lightworkers usually face these things alone, giving us the illusion that we are in the wrong.
The weak live in a herd because when they are by themselves, they feel afraid and insecure.

All the great (not just famous) people in history went through solitary periods and had difficult lives in the fear matrix. They were not doing anything wrong, the system worked upside down. Multidimensional people need to deal with so many levels at once we don’t have the energy to pretend or follow non-sensical societal demands.

Healing to all Empaths and bless all sensitive Hearts, they are a rare jewel on this Planet.
The world really needs you.

Thank you for your service to Gaia, Humanity and the Animals.

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