Emotional low since Mercury retrograde

Energy Update - Lightworkers and Starseeds - Ascension and New Earth - Mercury retrograde

It has been difficult for some of us to come out of the hole since Mercury retrograde, even though it's been over for a while now.

I felt like I missed time this month, even days. There is a feeling that time is speeding up as we near the zero point.
I rarely check calendars or the hours (it's been out of alignment with true Universal time, I prefer to follow Nature) but when I do, I've been consistently finding that two days or more already passed.

March dragged down slowly while others felt like it flew by.

Since 2015 I’ve been feeling time ‘speeding up’ increasingly.

Energy blasts cause many aches on those embodying the New Light and merging with the Higher Self but since October 2018, they are increasing. We seem to be having less time in between energy blasts and some of them are putting us in bed for a few minutes or more.

Allowing ourselves to rest without judgment is important. Most people don't know what we are going through. I am learning to go to bed if I can't stand anymore even if I'll leave someone to dine alone.

As Starseeeds, we must remember that we are doing a lot just by incarnating here to ground the New through our bodies, intention and Loving Hearts. I don't know if you have been judged lazy but I heard that since I was little because I could sit quietly with myself while my relatives were always making a lot of noise without really saying anything and moving around for no reason or goal.

We also work on many dimensional levels and it’s one of the reasons we get tired. Release any judgment or guilt if you carry any.
If we acted like the unaware, only more trauma and wars would be created on Earth. They judge because they don't know other ways of living for thousands of years.

As I carried some savior and martyr paradigms in me, I denied self-care and the freedom to do whatever I want. I used to feel responsible or guilty for everyone around and it took years to free myself of those shackles.

Having time, space, freedom, and self-acceptance are crucial for our mission here. If the people around us are not supportive, then deciding what to accept or not in our lives is important.
As I left all parasitic or wounded family and 'friends’ behind, I clearly saw shifts in all of my bodies, physical life and emotional well-being. I understand when people are in a lower frequency or in pain but I don’t accept their ego lashing out on me because I am an Empath.

For me, Mercury retrograde is a time for hibernation, tears, looking at my deepest shadows and the time to let patterns go.

We leave density behind as we step into a new energetic rung. It’s impossible to take the baggage with us. When New Light arrives, we may become weepy, grumpy, visit old resentments and realize there is more inner work to do.

If we dealt with the entire energy block at once we might not even make it. By visiting these root causes in layers through repetitive cycles, we are being spoon-fed to chew only what we can bite. It hurts but it is good to remember that we are dealing with just a little bit at a time.

Feeling dense emotions fully is what it will heal them. Some of us came here to transmute inferiority complex patterns, generational trauma, rejection, fears, guilt, shame and many other distortions. Some of us even battled the dark or were attacked by the matrix. We need a lot of time to process.

I noticed that the time required for us to purge heavy emotions is shortening. Soon, we’ll have no pain left to purge when we become our Divine Selves fully and Neutrality is all that is left.

Recently, Source showed me how we are having less and less space to house density in our physical, emotional bodies and etc – if we are doing the inner work, that is.

For those who don’t take responsibility for their feelings, who try to live unconsciously, push them away or lash out on others, this year is being very painful. Many who seems insane are actually bursting great chunks of their patterns at once because the inner work hasn’t been accomplished when there was some space between each incoming Light. Now there is no buffer and we are bathed in the New Codes constantly. It is hitting fears and darkness very hard and it must be hell for the ego-based people.

I don't watch the news since 2002 or feed upon fear and trauma since 2009 when I evolved to Vegan, but what is happening in the lower frequencies must be surreal.
I live this way because I want to bring Love and the New Earth, so I don't consent with anything less by paying attention, focusing or giving my energy to anything that is out of alignment with Source. Voting as we know is not important (in any country), but our intentional, energetic and Heart vote IS. We must pick what is benevolent and holy at every moment. It's not a quick change but one that we can take step by step everyday.

We already came into this planet with an automatic, Divine and merciful tool that we can use all the time and that is crying. It is free, we don’t need to pay anyone to get it and it’s a great relief. If we are not afraid and get used to it, crying can feel good.

To smile all the time is not even natural. When we force a range of emotions then the balance is lost and we fall into the other polarity.

I used to go down for weeks in depression or despair after forcing myself to be positive or happy. Nowadays I strive for balance, not positivity. If I am excited, I tone it down, if I am purging and start to obsess about it I bring my self up. True bliss lies in Divine Neutrality.

Update: Part of the angst, heavy feeling or any dense emotions were coming from the collective.
It seems there has been some fear and tumult thrown at Humanity recently – I won’t even mention from what – and now I know what I was hit with a few days ago.

Shield your home and yourself. Cleanse yourself energetically daily.

Yes, we don’t have a lot of support. We are all alone spread in strategic places around the world but we need to remember we are bringing the Divine Plan, instead of freaking out with the masses. It will be alright... You are SO Loved.

Remember that Higher Vibration always beats lower. The Heart-based are stirring this ship. The low-frequency entities, people and systems have no power. That's why their empires - big or small - always collapses, it is not based in Love.

I feel that this trip to the underworld needed to be shared, maybe it will help someone.

Love, healing and calm!



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Originally posted on May, 2019

Image by Larisa Koshkina