Source Shield Guided Meditation

As I was in my relaxation after the Equinox Unity Meditation, I saw this cloth-like plasma energy arriving on Earth.

The Corona was allowed for countless and multidimensional reasons.

We are all facing this at our different consciousness and frequency levels.

Equinox: honor your feelings ~ A message from Source

Our civilization has been indoctrinated to mourn when something painful happens but at its root, this was meant to keep the vibration of the planet low.

From believing to knowing

From believing to knowing - Ascension, Starseed/Empath and Trauma Healing

Imagine that your inner world is this beautiful garden. There are trees, grass and wildflowers there. The air is pure and the sun shines brightly upon you. You are completely free and everything is functioning perfectly because it all belongs to the organic nature.

Opening space for healthier relationships

There is something I went through and observed or supported other sensitives struggling with and that is having our cup so full that we have no space for a drop of new energy to enter our lives.

Being surrounded and overwhelmed by toxic people makes it impossible for relationships of a higher vibration to arrive if opposite energies occupy all the space.

Choose your reality

Choose your reality - Starseed Ascension, Life Purpose, Healing Fear

At every Now moment, you have the opportunity to breathe consciously, which opens the doorways from the Human level to Source so INspiration, help and Light/information can come through.

I had to learn it the hard way when I was in the most toxic work environment.

Energy Update ~ Clearing in Japan

March 2020

If I share any 'Energy Updates' it will be shifting more into a personal journal sort of thing as I feel it will be more helpful in this new, sovereign space instead of sharing guidance. I've been finding that it is getting more difficult for us to relate to other people's guidance as we are being called to rely even more on our inner connection to Source and Heart on our path towards complete Freedom and Sovereignty.
It's been a struggle to shift missions and understand how to share these things as the energies are shifting all the time now so I let this writing sit for some time and it still feels right. I've given up on many updates since December because they were no longer relevant just 2 or 3 days later.

Hindsight can INspire you to continue

As long as you don't give up, journaling about the discomfort, thoughts and joys found in your journey towards healing can inspire you to keep going.

When I look at the person I was in 2015 or that very traumatized teen in 1998, I can see how far I came and it gives me optimism and strength to keep going.

Focus on solutions for an INspired life

Before complaining and venting we can ask ourselves:

Can I bring the solution?
Is that my mission, what I incarnated on Earth to do?
Am I willing to dedicate a great portion of my days to that cause?