When INspiration is gone ~ Energy Update

Ascension Energy Update - Starseed Empath, Inspirational Quote

The moments when we feel drained, uninspired or 'down' are opportunities. If it turns into depression then we need to look within to witness the energy out of our fields. If it is not sadness, the demotivation may be a chance to review our direction and look within.

The New Age

We now enter the long-awaited New Age, the Golden Age or the New Earth. We've been leaving our density baggage behind all this time, first the world's and then our own.

Healing a layer of depression for good

Empath emotional healing - Depression and Trauma

Sometimes we wake up feeling heavy and sad, not inspired to be or do much.
By knowing ourselves, we can see how our bodies and energy fields work, making it easier to realize what is going on.

Happy New Earth: Love Has Bloomed

Starseed Empaths and Ascension

Last year, Source sounded the call for those willing to choose the Heart and Soul path. In November, I saw diseased seeds, energies and entities surrendering back to Oneness and they ceased to exist. At the same time, a New Ray of Creation was coming from the same portal... ~ Continues in Newsletter

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Energy Update ~ Floating above ground

These last weeks have been intense as we float with no ground to step upon. This can cause fear in the body - the latest and densest part to change.

Solstices Review, 1999 ~ 2019

Starseed empaths & Lightworkers, Ascension and Solstice

My Ascension started by the end of 1998, when I was attacked with black magic. It was allowed to happen as it removed all my life force and almost killed me but I needed to 'cement' myself into the low dimensional old Earth to open pathways by healing myself, understand and witness what Humanity was going through and what the fear matrix was really about.

The Heart is a compass ~ And ongoing 'symptoms'

Your map lies there.

As do all the secrets of this lifetime: your Divine Mission, how to heal yourself and what is in your Highest Good.

Energy Update

I was zoned out yesterday - not completely here nor 'there' either and was barely able to post an energy update on facebook. It was one of the most intense flash/waves I've felt to date.

The graphic shows the intensity of what we went through.